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-XEROX FEROX: The Wild World Of The Horror Film Fanzine is a book by John Szpunar to be published by Headpress and released on Fantacon (Albany, N.Y.) on the 14th of September. XEROX FEROX´s 500 pages have interviews with more than 50 fanzine editors, writers and other people involved mainly in the 80s. It also describes more or less everythin in and around this movie made zine industry ever since the start in days before it become a global underground network, from the cut and paste methods used in times before PCs to the surroundings of the N.Y. Veteran Die-Hards (whos ways of foolin censorship makes me laugh like the Devil). This book has it all and its also the first book to cover the horror film fanzines. Obviously an interestin choice of book for anyone involved in the old-days and for all those who want to know what this underground was like. The front cover (with its paper-horror-nostalgy) was finished this month. Its made by Stephen R. Bissette and very well done. Stephen R. Bissette is one among many artists who guest the Fantacon convention this year and now recently Tom Savini was also announced to be there after 25 years.

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