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Ilsa Returns

-I can see the signs of the spring through the window, can soon drink the beer outside again, nice!

-After a break lastin 26 years Dyanne Thorne (the Ilsa movies) is back as an actress. She will appear in 2 movies in 2013. HOUSE OF THE WITCHDOCTOR (also star Bill Moseley, about 2 criminals who become hunted, not hunters, as they do a burglary and confront a cult leader). HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS is a horror where also the Troma President Lloyd Kaufman appears. Rev. Dyanne and Howard Maurer doin afternative weddings in Las Vegas (thats not movie). Lloyd Kaufman is actually actin in about 15 up-comin movies, BACK FROM THE DEAD, POLYPORE and MIDNIGHT SNOW just to mention a few. He is also directin RETURN TO NUKE 'EM HIGH. And one year back he acted in the adult horror EVIL HEAD, a different version of EVIL DEAD with actors who look very much the same as those in the original. U can see uncensored hardcore version here: http://www.burningangel.com/store/384/evil-head-horror-dvds (and yeah, this is not the first time Lloyd Kaufman been involved in porn).

-The preparations for the long awaited blockbuster movie about The Church Of Satan is finished and the shootin will start on the 6th of June this year (actually makin it the Number of the Beast in numerological meanin). The script is based upon the life in and around the C.O.S. durin the foundation year 1966 and the years to follow. The castin was complete in January, with Hollywood fame Bruce Willis in the role as Anton Szandor LaVey. The rest of the cast will soon be revealed. Warner Bros has yet not set a release date but it is estimated to be out late 2014. The movie's workin title is SZANDOR SOCIETY.

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