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HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (2011) Dir by Brian A. Miller

Crime action movie about an ex-cop who's now security guard for an illegal casino where a robbery takes place. Ok as entertainment, but nothin special about it (except the damn big actor Dave Bautista) and misguidin cover w/Danny Trejo, who only appear briefly 2 times.

THALE (2012) Dir by Aleksander L. Nordaas

Norwegian movie about Norwegian folklore of huldre (nymph, fairy), human-like creatures with a different shape and thale, livin hidden in the Norwegian woods. This movie is somethin very unusual from what one use to see, sometimes funny becoz of the two characters different behaviour: one calm and nonchalant, the other a frightened neurotic. This movie is kind of in the same vein as TROLLJEGEREN, but I think TROLLJEGEREN is a far more interestin movie and more things happenin in it. Whatsoever, THALE is still pretty good and if u lookin for somethin unusual I sure think u better check it out. And in case u didnt know, the Norwegian government keep troll and hulder secret to not scare foreign tourists away! DVD also incl 2 short-movies KJØTTSÅR (COLD) and BAK LUKKEDE DØRER (IN CHAMBERS).

Waitin in excitement for 2 other up-comin Norwegian movies: KILL BULJO 2 (to be released first) and Tommy Wirkola's DEAD SNOW 2: Red vs Dead (production will start again in August).

KILLER JOE (2011) Dir by William Friedkin

This is one real killer comedy, lots of fun, action and death. A stupid father and son decide to have the mother killed to collect the life-insurance money and hire a cop who also happen to be a contract-killer. But things dont turn out as planed and theres quite a lot of things happenin to make it a real entertainin movie with great actin. Worth ownin and watch again!

BERNIE (2011) Dir by Richard Linklater

When I saw the name Jack Black I thought I better check out this comedy and it was a right pick. This is a movie about hypocrisy, and how it easily (with the right skills) can fool a bunch of people. The best way of doin this is through religion, church and funeral agency. Jack Black plays this role very convincingly. Also its funny to see the reaction of those involved and their opinions. Jack Black even once again show his talent for singin, even its not rock this time.

RED STATE (2011) Dir by Kevin Smith

3 youths find an internet invitation for group-sex and go for it. But somethin go wrong and they end up in an armed fanatical religious sect as sinner to be slaughtered. RED STATE is an action with a horror wibe and lots of shootin. Good, interestin story and also suspense and with unexpected kills. In the apocalyptic view with no mercy for the godless and very brutal attitude its even some humour filled in. RED STATE is a dark, scary ride with variations on the way and different kind of movie. I sure like it!

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (2011) Dir by Drew Goddard

I heard so many good words about this movie, I thought it was time I better check it out. Usually so very many good critics doesnt necessarily convince me its such a good movie before Ive seen it and made up my own mind about it. Often it leaves me with no such big expectations, but this time I can understan all the good words!This is a horror so exceptional and unlike anythin Ive seen! Can start with sayin its got some thing from both EVIL DEAD, HELLRAISER and CUBE and it all set to a reality show. 5 youth goin to a cabin in the woods, u think u more or less know the story, but I promise u tht u can not and will not be able to guess the whole story and multitude of unexpected scenes of twists and variations. As a matter of fact, its got a bit of ALL horror-genrees in it, and when u thought uve seen more then u would imagine, u find out its just the beginnin of the end where a whole lot more of surprises happen. And its even humour in it. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS continues on in excitement and with originality. When the killers, monsters, ghosts, zombies, vicious adventure creatures (and whtever u can think of) have done their dark deeds and u think things over and cool and safe, its the unusual Hollywood: not a happy endin. Director Drew Goddard has said in an interview: if he was able to only direct one movie in his life he would put all his best ideas in it, and unbelievably he has succeeded with that with this top quality result. If ure the kind of person who only watch one horror movie a year choose THE CABIN IN THE WOODS!

ARCTIC BLAST (2010) Dir by Brian Trenchard Smith

Australian catastrophe-movie about a new iceage. Looks like a typical tv-movie. Not worth 91 mins of ur time for entertainment. Bluray will go on its way far from my collection.

THE TORTURED (2009) Dir by Robert Lieberman

Bill Moseley play the role of a schizo-psycho who kidnap and kill a 6 year old child. On his property several more corpses are found and he is sentenced to a 25 years imprisonment. The parents of the 6 year old think this is not a fair enough punishment and make a plan to execute the deeds they consider justice: retribution in torture. Producers of SAW is behind this movie, so I guess u have an idea of what to expect. Also an interestin twist to the plot in the very end of the film! Bill Moseley can be seen in a pretty long list of up-comin movies, one of them MANSON GIRLS which is bein filmed now, where he play Charles Manson. Ron Jeremy is also in this movie, with a suitable role as porn director. MANSON GIRLS will be released next year. Another movie with Bill Moseley is the horror THE MANGLED. Also starrin Edwin Neal (who played the hitchhicker in the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 1974) and Michael Berryman (known for the original THE HILLS HAVE EYES 1977 and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS).

ON THE ROAD (2012) Dir by Walter Salles

Drame road-movie about simple way of the poor in the late 1940s and early 1950s America. With focus on poetry and writin, sex, drugs and alcohol. In search of life and its meanin on a journey through the different states and landscapes and a few stops in Mexico too. Movie about dreams and how they turn out to be (or not) in reality.

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