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Movies March

-3 days film festival HORROR HOUND WEEKEND will take place in Ohio 22-24th of March. There will be preview screenin, tattoos, photo with celebs, books & signin, art, costume contest & zombie ball, saturday night concert, the real Christine car will be there and a lot of various horror stuff for sale. Some of the guests who will be there: John Carpenter, Michael Madsen, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Tom Savini. So if you happen to be in Ohio next weekend you find the address of where to go here www.horrorhoundweekend.com

-EVIL DEAD had its premiere on the South by Southwest Film Festival last week and will premiere in the rest of the world in April and May. Judgin from the trailer, and knowin that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell is part of this production, it seems like the impossible is possible: to remake the cult classic and make it a piece of interestin movie. With a budget 40 times higher than the original from 1981 one can expect quality and its described as one real gore experience I guess its better save a seat for oneself in the theatre. Dont expect humour, leave that part of the story for a possible sequel (as was the story in the 80s as well).

-THE PENNY DREADFUL PICTURE SHOW is in post-production. Ala Tales From The Crypt its several short stories and from different decades. Penny Dreadful and her pals Dead Ned and Wolfboy live in an old theatre and spend all their time watchin movies, now they invite you to join them for 3 movies in 1 with monsters and serial killers. I really much enjoy watchin Jeffrey Combs in the role as the retarded!

-LOVE LETTER is a short-film starrin Sid Haig which is shot now in March and expected to be out in May.

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