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Movies since last time

-James Gandolfini (18 Sept 1961 – 19 June 2013) died last night in Rome, R.I.P. I was always hopin there would be more episodes of SOPRANOS, guess the last, mysterious episode in 2007 be the last of it.

-Its summer in Norway and it doesnt last long so its important set off some extra time for beer. Anyway, Ive seen some movies since last time and I have my words about some of them posted here in the blog this time.

SUBCONSCIOUS CRUELTY (2000) Dir by Karim Hussain

S.C. is a rather disturbin description of life, what may happen in it and the meanin of life, with much focus on sex and violence (looks real brutal). A narration talks about his rather shockin life philosophy to pictures of the same explicit kind. First 50 mins is the 1st of 2 different stories. The 2nd story has the same strong images and with more of religion (or perhaps I should say blasphemy). S.C. is an art-movie and definately the kind of movie u dont see every day. I got hold of a DVD version with the deleted scenes, but the most shockin scenes is in the 80 mins version. This DVD also include short-movie FACTS ARE SAFETY, which is worth checkin out as well. S.C. was stopped at the border in the attempt to get it back to Canada. What they did to get it into the country was re-namin it SLAPPY THE BLUE PIG and callin it a family movie with an innocent cover (the good, old trick of the 80s!). This low-budget movie took 6 years to finish and the waitin worth it for its shock value. Btw, producer Mitch Davis also been involved with some metal bands before.

THE BETRAYED (2008) Dir by Amanda Gusack

This is for sure one good, intelligent and excitin (as well as surprisin) thriller about some swindle and retribution in the gangster world and it all happen in one room with nothin in it. Check it out!

GAMER (2009) Dir by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor

Very good and intelligent futuristic movie about technology and the gameworld, where real humans are the characters in the game. Society (like ps3 home where one walk around) and Slayers, with deathrow convicts who get a chance to be free if they survive 30 sessions. Excellent actin of Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall (DEXTER). Recommended whether ure into games, action or want to have a look into a possible future. Mark Neveldine now makin a movie called THE VATICAN TAPES (to be released in 2014) about a leaked tape of a Vatican exorcism.

MURDER PARTY (2007) Dir by Jeremy Saulnier

This movie been described to be in the vein of BAD TASTE and BRAINDEAD, but I cant see the similarity and I wouldnt compare it to those. MURDER PARTY is rather dull as a splatter-comedy. Though after an hour runnin time it is some action and happenings. Jeremy Saulnier has directed a 2013 thriller called BLUE RUIN (not sure what its like).

QUEST FOR FIRE (1981) Dir by Jean Jacques Annaud

Wanted to see this movie again, Ive not got hold of it yet, but it was runnin on tv one day. Story is back 8000 years where fire was important on Earth, if havin it one could eat food not raw and shelter for coldness and it also meant great power over others. When some kind of prehistoric monkey-humans are attacked by some other kind of race the fire is lost. 3 from the tribe are sent out on a quest for fire. All what they experience on their journey is back in time, nature, the animal kingdom and all very primitive: the way they act, talk, behave is somethimes very funny (one example lust and sex), but most important, this is a very historical movie. Wherever country ure from u dont need any subtitles coz its really no language in this movie that can be translated and mostly they make kind of monkey «oohhh, oohhh» sounds. Also interestin see Ron Perlman in this good, old classic now after seen him in SONS OF ANARCHY the last few years. Definately a movie I recommend! Ron Perlman will star in a pretty long list of various film projects, most of them to be released this year.

SHOOTING GALLERY (2005) Dir by Keoni Waxman

Nice, intelligent and interestin crime action thriller takin place in a pool hall. Hustler bettin money story startin in a time before the movie begins, with a pool-player, corrupt cop and gangster boss havin the 3 most important roles. Keoni Waxman has directed a new action movie about a criminal empire to be released this year, starrin Danny Trejo and Steven Seagal. Danny Trejo star in more than 20 upcomin movies (!) and many of them seems to be real interestin.

THE REVENANT (2009) Dir by D. Kerry Prior

I didnt expect too much of this movie but it proved to be a real funny vampire-zombie movie with an actual original story. Its not as gory as its been described and more comedy than horror, but damn funny throughout its runnin time. In the search for blood unexpected things happen so if u wanna have some good laughs about the subject darkness and death I truly recommend this one.

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