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New Rob Zombie movie

-New Rob Zombie movie THE BROAD STREET BULLIES is dealin with aggression in the American Ice-Hockey milieu. Expected released in 2015. Rob Zombie's THE LORDS OF SALEM is out, but so far Ive not seen it (the DVD premiere will be in Sweden on the 17th of July). I believe this to be in the same quality way of some of his better movies. THE LORDS OF SALEM soundtrack album was released last month. Rob Zombie has some idea of bringin HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES to broadway and make it a musical...! (More about Rob Zombie if u scroll down to Music).

-SUPER (2010) Dir by James Gunn, is a different kind of super-hero movie, similar to KICK-ASS (2010) and nice entertainment. Starrin Rainn Wilson (THE OFFICE) and several people u have seen before. And btw, Rob Zombie doin the Voice of God. Rainn Wilson will star in an upcumin movie entitled GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, story: thinkin it will make him more desirable to women, a lonely nerd hires a prostitute to pretend she's his girlfriend. Hahahahaha.


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