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Summer Movies

Its been awhile since I wrote somethin here, well Ive been busy and I still am, but since the summer and till now Ive also been watchin movies, who'd expect I didnt? I decided I now post words about some of those Ive seen. Was on a record fair this last weekend, got me more LPs, mainly metal and thrash from the 80s, maybe u find a summary of some of em in the music blog after some listen-throughs. And updates. See u later.

(Words by Culto Prietsu. Posted 17.Oct 2013)  

EVIL DEAD (2013) Dir by Fede Alvarez

The story is a bit different in the 2013 version of EVIL DEAD and I like this, that they dont try to copy the original when they absolutely have to make a re-make. If ure really interested u might have read a hundreds of reviews already so I try keep it short. A drug-addict decide to stop her addiction and go to a cabin in the woods with brother and friends. She start to act and talk in strange ways and first they think its abstinences, until they understan its real demon possession! Great sound and pictures and a good movie, pure evil and horror from the beginnin to the end. But it was somethin so unique about the original from 1981, new thinkin and the special appearance of Bruce Campbell as well, so if I was to pick a fave, i say the original.


SVIDD NEGER (2003) Dir by Erik Smith Meyer

Been such a long time since I watched this movie, and now in the 10 anniversary of its release I thought I better see it again, and it resulted in great laughter once again. This is a very different kind of Norwegian comedy, indeed very racistic (and could expect that since its movie from North-Norway) and the movie-makers also got into some trouble becoz of this. Its so many funny scenes in this movie, the all-time drinkin old-man (but up early in the mornin to do the daily work, in the very isolated part of Norway, where story takes place), he is very resolute and havin some surprisingly funny comments. The younger man who spend his time wankin and very proud of bein strong (which is somethin the old-man takes advantage of), the nigger who believe he is a Sami (the people livin in the far north of Scandinavia). If u want somethin unusual, this is for u! Movie also got some nice female nude scenes.


THE LORDS OF SALEM (2012) Dir by Rob Zombie

Devilish story about some 17th century witches from Salem who were burned alive and the curse and prediction of returnin, and birth of Satan. A mysterious LP is delivered to the radio-station and people start go through changes. I like Rob Zombie movies, even this was a bit different and my faves still HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS. Anyway, if u like occult horror check this one out, and u will also see Sheri Moon Zombie's tits + naked ass (also appeared on the cover of the LP version of the 2012 Rob Zombie double-album «Mondo Sex Head», an album too much club-house for my likin!).


SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS (2012) Dir by Martin McDonagh

Very good movie with an unusual story about a script-writer (Colin Farrell) who's gonna write a movie-script about seven psychopaths, the script eventually happen to be linked to the story in his life and surroundings. Christopher Walken in charge of dog-kidnappin, Woody Harrelson the angry gangster who like his dog returned back to him. More psychopaths appear and its surprises, variations, crime fun, hallucinations and a movie I for sure recommend. The friend with more than one surprise is very well played by Sam Rockwell (who will also be in the re-make of POLTERGEIST, I havent got an idea what this movie will be like, out next year).


MORTUARY (2005) Dir by Tobe Hooper

A family move into a mortuary-house and start a business, but its somethin in the house that makes the dead come back to life. Even its zombies its not a typical zombie-movie and somethin I can like. If its a movie from Tobe Hooper I automatically look for some elements from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE movies (1974 and 1986), and this movie's got some of it (mostly from T.C. Part II, a mis-shaped person in the hidings, and underground cave-ways with equipment). Worth checkin out.


KILLING THEM SOFTLY (2012) Dir by Andrew Dominik

This is an interestin movie about some people robbin a card-game and the revenge is on its way. Ray Liotta play a person who once was guilty of this same thing happened once before and is the prime suspect. Very good actin and a nice conclusion of James Gandolfini's good actin-career (there's a few more movies with him released after KILLING THEM SOFTLY that may be of interest as well). Brad Pitt is the enforcer who's gonna sort things out. I always liked good mob movies and this is one among them. Maybe some things about the storyline seems a bit «short» compared to «similar» classic movies of the past, but things comes out as not always expected, and I like it. If u like the genree Im sure its a movie for u too. Also expect to see a new way of illustratin headshots! Btw, Ray Liotta will appear in several crime movies to be released in 2014, so maybe its more interestin things on its way.


THE HANGOVER PART III (2013) Dir by Todd Philips

Data effects too much at times makes it look like a game, new PS3 games better, more suitable and interestin for this nowadays, Im not fond of usin this technic in movies (its more interestin when they make a game look like a movie!). Story feels a bit slow, maybe that is so just becoz I thought THE HANGOVER PART I (especially) and PART II both were excitin with loud laughter throughout the films. But when that is said, expect strange things to still happen and good laughter. A one hour and forty minutes good time spent! Storyline: Alan, Phil and Stu need find gold bars Mr Chow has stolen from an angry Mr Marshall (played by John Goodman). The wolfpack united again in a weddin (in the end), wakin up with a new so-far untold story (like the beginnin of THE HANGOVER PART I) and the basis made for a possible Part 4 (even I dont know if it be made). Stu (Ed Helms) appear in the new fake-family comedy WE'RE THE MILLERS about movin weed from Mexico to USA, out now, but I dont know what its like.


BURIED (2009) Dir by Rodrigo Cortes

Claustrophobic! A man who's been a driver in Iraq wakes up buried underground in a coffin. The kidnappers have left him with a phone and negotiation startin. The victim call US government in an attempt to make them help him get free, but he dont know where he is. Im surprised the whole movie 1 hour and 30 mins was filmed inside the coffin, still its excitin and suspense from the people he talk and desperation of the situation. Very original, Ive never seen anythin like it before! Director Rodrigo Cortes directed psychological thriller of paranormal activity called RED LIGHTS last year, with Robert De Niro in the role as the one with special power, but maybe BURIED is the best of the two?


RIPLEY'S GAME (2002) Dir by Liliana Cavani

Good suspense thriller about crime and a sophisticated life-style, both roles played with excellence by John Malkovich. The story takes place in Berlin and Italy. Assassination involves a new person unknown to the game. And as the other partner in crime get East-European gangsters whacked its gettin more dangerous and they better find a final solution or they will go the same way. Also worth checkin out; RED 2 (with John Malkovich) out since this summer and Im sure its the same kind of great action like RED (2010). 


GANGSTER, GUNS & ZOMBIES (2012) Dir by Matt Mitchell

Cover-description of this movie was: «Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels meets Shaun Of The Dead» and it made me curious to find out what this movie was like. Its the old zombie story, but with gangsters on a get-away from a robbery, meetin zombies and survivors on their way, and with British humour from the beginnin to the end. Give it a chance if ure into the idea.


NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1990) Dir by Tom Savini

This is the re-make of the first, classic zombie movie George A. Romero made in 1968. The story is more or less the same but with some twitches, especially in the end. Some good laughs and some very brutal scenes. This is a good re-make and that's all you need to know. Tom Savini has a role in MACHETE KILLS which is out now.


STAND UP GUYS (2012) Dir by Fisher Stevens

Nice and funny crime comedy with Al Pacino (who play the convict just been released  from jail) and Christopher Walken (the old friend who's mission is to take him out). Their old friendship proves to be strong and makin the deed difficult to be done. The old timers spend the last hours of life together and do what they like. It is quality, just see it! Crime religious conspiracy movie with Christopher Walken called THE POWER OF FEW, out since this summer, may also of interest.


THE ICEMAN (2012) Dir by Ariel Vromen

True story mainly set to the 70s, about the 2-sided life of the mob contract killer Richard Kuklinski. Its a portrait of an ice-cold person who is said to have taken the life of more than 100 persons. The black and white and very brutal 70s cruel life is described with the similar cold-blooded persons in his surroundings and at the same time the sweet and carin person he is on the other side. Very realistic and perfect actin of all and everyone involved. At times its so dark it feels like one experience the story bein told. This movie is indeed very different from most (fictious) movies about horror and crime. So real it leaves a feelin of despair and hurt. THE ICEMAN is one unique movie and absolutely worth a place in a DVD collection.


TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D (2013) Dir by John Luessenhop

This movie starts off with a scene from the 70s, right after the end scene of the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE from 1974, and explains what happened. Bill Moseley (Chop Top in T.C. Part 2) plays Drayton Sawyer and Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in the original) another member of the Sawyer family. It seems like the whole Sawyer family dies in a shoot out and fire, except for a little girl who is raised by 2 of those who take part in the attack on her family. Many years later this girl gets a letter, tellin her she's inherited a house and so she finds out who she really is. With some friends along she goes on a journey to this place, and she finds out that also Leatherface is still alive. It seems like the script-writer has forgotten about TEXAS CHAINSAW 2 (1986) and its story. Its also some other things (especially in the beginnin) that I dont like about this new movie. But its absolutely not bad, its got a couple of scary surprises too, which even made me jump up in the chair shakin for a moment. So Id say its a movie worth check it out!


PROMETHEUS (2012) Dir by Ridley Scott

This movie is a good choice to start the day if uve got nothin else to do than decided watchin movies. PROMETHEUS is nice sci-fi entertainment set to a future time of 2090. A place between Earth and another galaxy discovered to have unheard-of items and livin creatures and a team of scientists and geologists go there to find out more. If u like Alien movies I guess u like this too. Ridley Scott is announced to be the producer of PROMETHEUS 2. Also announced is an untitled new sci-fi Blade Runner project, which he is said to be directin, like the original classic from 1982.


OBSERVE AND REPORT (2009) Dir by Jody Hill

Very funny comedy with Seth Rogen who plays a security guard on a mall, but for everytin else in the world, wants to be a cop. I read a description about it in the tv-guide, first I thought this was the movie with King Of Queens actor Kevin James, MALL COP, also good American comedy, but if Seth Rogen is involved its usually American comedy pretty much more over the edge. I had some great laughs while watchin OBSERVE AND REPORT, and unless ure a sensitive person, but rather want comedies up-to-date Im sure u will have plenty of good laughs too. I will look for the DVD as I plan on see it for the 3rd time.


NORSKE BYGGEKLOSSER (1972) Dir by Pål Bang Hansen

A classic from the first moment, with Norwegian in ur mind u get it. This is story of a person who gonna move from the city tower block to a house he gonna build in the county side. He finds out this causes more difficulty and trouble than he could ever imagine, he sure experience murphy's law and it never seems to be an end with luck. This is a true classic Norwegian comedy. Rolv Wesenlund (R.I.P.) in many different roles, as the sardonic and very unpleasant neighbour, the short-of-time speedy racer, the buildin-inspector who is not happy about what he see, the slow-pace carpenter, the far-out bankman, the fining cop. Maybe it works best as a comedy for Norwegians, hilarious! But if ure foreigner, try it anyway, if u get a chance.


REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA (2008) Dir by Darren Lynn Bousman

Horror musical about an epidemic and a firm who start up business as loan-sharks with human organs. If u not pay, the Repo Man will come and get u. Hearin the word musical makes me suspicious. Can this be any good at all? Yeah, this movie proved to be somethin interestin and unusual. Geneco firm's boss played by Paul Sorvino (mob boss in GOODFELLAS) and this time he can show his authority as kind of soprano. One of his sons (who both wanna inherit the firm Geneco) played well by Bill Moseley. The music is rock and its experimental. Repo The Genetic Opera original stageplay and screenplay by Darren Smith / Terrance Zdunich (the latter wrote the horror-musical THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL of last year).


WRONG TURN 3 (2009) Dir by Declan O'Brien

I remember I liked the first WRONG TURN movie, but its been so many, I cant remember which ones Ive seen. At least now I know WRONG TURN 3 is a good movie and very brutal horror about some prisoners who end up in the woods with inbreedin cannibals.


THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (2011) Dir by David Fincher

This is the English-speakin two and a half hours version of MÄN SOM HATAR KVINNOR, the first movie in the Swedish Millennium thriller trilogy. An old unsolved murder-case now investigated by a journalist (Daniel Craig) and the hacker Lisbet Salander (now different actress), a family mystery and a connection to nazis. Recognize some scenes Ive seen done the Swedish way, the English version is ok entertainment, but if its a good Scandinavian movie made into English, I guess I will always pick the original as my fave. Got me a (still-sealed) nice lookin fold-out paper edition of the DVD, and was surprised to find out the original DVD looks like a burnt DVD-R, looks a bit strange when the package so well-done and think this idea worked much better with the official version of BORAT.


THE UNTOUCHABLES (1987) Dir by Brian De Palma

This is a classic cop and gangster movie about the prohibition time in USA in the 1930, where gangsters like Al Capone were fightin over territories to sell imported alcohol. Cops and government try stop the bootleggers once and for all in this story of corruption, crime, business, hunt for justice and fame and at times brutal. Andy Garcia and Kevin Costner rather young on this time but present their roles in a very good and convincin way like the movie's veterans Sean Connery and Robert De Niro (Al Capone). Story seen from the eyes of the cops, unlike the mob movies made by Martin Scorsese a few years later.


BANLIEUE 13 – ULTIMATUM (2009) Dir by Patrick Alessandrin

Usually I dont watch many French movies and thats becoz of their language. Even if ure like me, I would still recommend this movie, which is a kind of futuristic action with martial arts on high octan. A corrupt politician creates a riot in one part of Paris that he wants erased from the map in an attempt to get a new buildin-contract there. Its the most armed criminal part of the city. One person from each side of the law unite and form a team to stop the vicious plans. I liked this kind of action movie, which is the sequel to BANLIEUE 13, released in 2004 and the first one is what I heard supposed to be even better.


BAD TASTE (1987) Dir by Peter Jackson

This was one real unusual movie when it was released back in 1987 and surprised me like so many others. Its Peter Jacksons first (low budget) movie dealin with some humanlike aliens who have invaded a part of New Zealand. Its much sick humour in this splatter-comedy and still now much  laughter, as it was back in the old days. If take into consideration this to be the beginnin of Peter Jackson's movie career and he later made the world's most expensive and difficult movie (THE LORD OF THE RINGS), we can say; everythin can be possible in this world!


BRAINDEAD aka DEAD ALIVE (1989) Dir by Peter Jackson

5 years after the debut-movie, Peter Jackson was back with a new splatter-comedy, which starts off in Sumatra in 1957, where a special kind of monkey is taken out of that place in Indonesia and in present time its still kept in a zoo. A person is biten and is infected with the virus turnin the human into a zombie. This is another interestin example of Peter Jacksons world of splatter and comedy, with lots of sick humour and LOTS of gore! Would be interestin if he chose to do one more of this kind.


ABSOLUTT BLÅMANDAG (1998) Dir by Petter Næss

(English name of the movie: ABSOLUTE HANGOVER). This is absolutely one of Norway's best comedies ever! Its about a person who is goin on a trip with his wife to her parents place. He just decides to have one beer with the pals on the pub first. Well, the one beer is soon empty and changed for another and so it goes on till he reach a state of total drunkness. Walkin slalom with a bicycle and oars (for sport rowin) he reach home, but his wife leaves the apartment as planed and he is left alone, so he decides to continue the drinkin. He is in a very good mood, until he wakes up on Monday, with a total blackout, not rememberin anythin of Saturday and Sunday. His apartment is a total mess and the real fun starts when unknown people appear and the happenings of the weekend are revealed to him and with even many more surprises to come. Great actin by Ingar Helge Gimle, who looks like he's really drunk. Ive had some blackouts myself in life, and with that in mind it makes this movie even more funny. What to do and say when u cant remember anythin?


MANNAJA: A Man Called Blade (1977) Dir by Sergio Martino

This is one of my fave spaghetti westerns, even it was released as late as 1977 (about 10 years after the most popular era of spaghetti westerns). Blade is a bounty-hunter who's special weapon is an axe. He arrives in a silvertown where trouble there is to be solved. The most remarkable scene is the one where he is buried with only his head over ground and eyes forces open to look at the sun. He is expected dead, but instead of turnin blind he comes back for a revenge. Recommended for fans of good, old westerns, with pictures, mood and the general way things were made before. (For fans of 70s horror, worth mentionin that Sergio Martino directed the great giallo movie TORSO (1973) and MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD (1978), the latter with fame actor Stacy Keach and the James Bond girl Ursula Andress (who's havin several nude scenes in that movie), makin it an unusual cannibal movie).


THE TOOLBOX MURDERS (2003) Dir by Tobe Hooper

This is the remake of the original from 1977 that Ive mentioned before. This version is set to the present time of 2003, but still with that 70s feelin, I like that. But even that is so, this remake is not as interestin or as special as the original. Its a different story, but with some similarities, takin place in a buildin with many apartments where things are not exactly as it should be. THE TOOLBOX MURDERS 2003 is alright, but its not got the same wibe and excitement as the original.


A MAN CALLED HORSE (1969) Dir by Elliot Silverstein

This is not a western about cowboys, but an Indian movie in the Wild West, about a rich Englishman who lose his title when been captured by Sioux indians. The most remarkable scene is where Richard Harris is pierced with cloven hoofs and knives in the chest and lifted up in the air by ropes. Nice educational good, old classic about Indian custom, and may perhaps have been an inspiration for live performin pain-artists?


NORTHVILLE CEMETERY MASSACRE (1976) Dir by William Dear & Thomas L. Dyke

Biker movie with Scorpions MC in the main role as Spirits MC, a non-A4 gang who mainly just like to have fun, but are innocent accused of rape of a girl (actually we see and know its the sheriff), father is convinced its the MC and starts a war. I heard this was supposed to be among the better biker movies of old days, well I think it could been better, but its got its value in how it describes prejudice of the unusual back in old days (movie originally meant to be called Freedom R.I.P.).


MADE IN L.A. aka L.A. TAKEDOWN (1989) Dir by Michael Mann

This is Michael Mann's first version of what later would be his action-robbery-masterpiece HEAT (1995). With this in mind its of some interest watch this «pilot» just to see how much better it really would be 6 years later.


SUPERNATURAL ACTIVITY (2012) Dir by Derek Lee Nixon

Parody on tv-series about spiritual and paranormal things and movies of the same kind. Some laughter it brings, but mostly too stupid (in frustration waitin for it to end) and all in all a rather simple movie.


CHOKE (2008) Dir by Clark Gregg

Very good comedy, sometimes similar to SCRUBS tv-series, but over the edge in comparition and with much focus on sex. Man meet all these unusual people on the hospital where his mother is. Eventually he finds out much more about life and what may be its philosophy, with sinners and saints, sane and insane, heroes and victims. Some great laughs, excitin and interestin story with changes on the way. Lots of crazy humour, and Sam Rockwell good choice for the role.


REMBRANDT (2003) Dir by Jannik Johansen

Danish film-makers know really well how to make good crime-comedies and this is one of them. About some petty criminals who happen to steal a very valuable Rembrandt paintin, first without knowin what it is and when findin it out, their method of tryin to sell it is all very funny. Based on a true story that happened in Denmark in 1999, but with a funny twist to the story and the end.


MENNESKE I SOLEN (2011) Dir by Per Olav Sørensen

Norwegian drama-comedy about two rather normal, still dysfunctional couples who meet at a Swedish camping where they gonna stay durin their vacation. This movie was described as a drama, and in one way its true coz the end of the world is near, but when I saw the name of Ingar Helge Gimle (ABSOLUTT BLÅMANDAG) I would expect some humour as well, and I was right. This is a rather unusual movie as well, watch it and find out!


BRIDGE TO NOWHERE (2009) Dir by Blair Underwood

Crime drama about some youngsters who decide start a business as pimps and sellin coke. The movie is ok, but that's about it, nothin new or special.


ALI G, AIII (2000) Dir by James Bobin, Steve Smith

Sacha Baron Cohen play da nigga rapper with his own talk show. This DVD incl some of the best from Da Ali G Show + extra uncensored material which was never broadcasted. Lots of fun, his attitude and questions makes many of the interview-objects rather uncomfortable. Also on this DVD the first appearance of Borat, datin back to 1997 when he visits U.K. A DVD worth ownin.


CASINO (1995) Dir by Martin Scorsese

This movie needs no description, if u havent seen it buy it, if u have it, see it again. I got hold of the 10th anniversary 2-Disc DVD with lots of extra material. This is the best kind of film-makin, its good, interestin, suspense crime story very well done, professional with the right actors, costumes, settings and with lots of things happenin. Almost 3 hours without sleepin moments. In case uve missed out on some quality movies of the same kind, I recommend u get urself GOODFELLAS (1990) as well. And if u wanna see a good movie about how the Las Vegas casino world got started with the buildin of the first casino, Flamingo, I recommend BUGSY (1991).


GIVE 'EM HELL MALONE (2009) Dir by Russel Mulcahy

Crime story I'd expected more of the word Malone. Not really good actin in this movie (except perhaps Ving Rhames) and no good dialogue, not a good script and I dont understan why the director would allow the final result turn out like this.



A laid-back comedy about a man, played by Will Ferrell, who loses his job and wife on the same day. The locks to the house is changed, his bank account has been blocked and all his things is in the garden. He opens a beer, sit down in his chair and his 5-days-maximum life in the garden sale starts. Pretty nice sunday-movie even its not among the most hilarious things Will Ferrell has done. This is Dan Rusk first and only movie so far. More movies with Will Ferrel on its way, in post-production now ANCHORMAN 2: The Legend Continues, I think this will be great fun like the first ANCHORMAN movie from 2004 (also with Will Ferrell), expected available in the end of the year.


DRACULA DEAD BUT LOVING IT (1995) Dir by Mel Brooks

This is a parody on Bram Stoker's DRACULA with Leslie Nielsen in the role as the vampire count. Very well done and many funny scenes. A kind of crazy comedy absolutely worth checkin out.


THE GODFATHER TRILOGY (1972, 1974, 1990) Dir by Francis Ford Coppola

Ive had The Coppola Restoration box for awhile, almost nine hours movies and more than four hours with bonus material on two additional discs. Decided to finally see it all again and Im surprised to find out how interestin and excitin this movie-trilogy still is. Im not much fond of drama, but The Godfather movies are definately my fave in this genree. The Restoration versions of the 70s movies have improved sound and picture, and in one of the documentaries we can see the clearly noticable difference of a better look. Ive mentioned some crime movies in this blog and The Godfather is the original of this kind. Story of a boy who immigrates from Sicily to USA after his family is killed by the mob-boss, he marry and get children and with friends in the New York, Little Italy area he establish respect and business that will be the basis for a large mob-family. The story goes over many decades and several generations, a family-story of joy and sorrow, kindness and retribution. Filmed in Sicily and New York (where a street of the present time was made very precisely look like an older time, leavin the inhabitants out of their homes durin the time it took filmin there). Film-companies didnt have much belief in movies like this on the time and they wanted changes and on a time it was even uncertain if Francis Ford Coppola would still be the director to finish this project, but he was and things were done the way he wanted it, lucky for us all now coz this is a masterpiece of a trilogy! Its so much that can be said about this movies, for instance Al Pacino would probably never been such a big star if it wasnt for the Godfather movies, but enough said, I leave it to u to find out, and if ure born on a time that makes u think this is too old kind of movie, well give it a try and maybe u change ur mind.


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