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The Start Of Bates

-Bates Motel (2013) tv-series, NBC Studios. How will a tv-series work, based on characters from the novel and the movie Psycho, set to a modern present time but with a story where the mother of Norman Bates is still alive? Well, it works very well in the first episode we are introduced to the things happenin in the life of 17 years old Norman: deaths, movin from one location to another to establish a new life, the behaviour and attitude of Norman and the people in the surroundings and now we are also for the first time introduced to the real mother, Norma. I think its interestin, suspense and feels like informative. I would expect see Norman Bates with a smart fon would be a total failure, but its not, and Im actually excited to follow this tv-series. I was busy and forgot to see episode 2, but its no crisis, everythin run in reprise and reprise on tv nowadays, so I guess I just be a little patient.

-More about movies later, Ive seen quite a few lateley and I still have some hundred DVDs layin on the floor here that I have yet not seen.

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