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TromaDance 2013

-Last time I posted somethin here was April Fool Day, and I guess you know...there is no C.O.S. movie with Bruce Willis in the makin hehe.

-Want somethin religious? Well, here's an alternative to traditional bible story, FIST OF JESUS (2012), Spain, Dir by David Munoz & Adrian Cardona. Jesus wakes the dead back to life, but as zombies. Roman zombie soldiers and cowboy zombies also show up and challenge Jesus, whos only weapon is a fish (Jesus skills makes the 1 fish become many). Ive never seen anythin like this before and its real gory and funny as well. I recommend this short-movie! You will probably see them again in the full-length ONCE UPON A TIME IN JERUSALEM. https://www.youtube.com/user/FistOfJerusalem?feature=watch

-I understan why FIST OF JESUS was chosen among other international independent films for the 14th TromaDance Film Festival, to be in Asbury Park, NJ, 12-13 April. No Entry Fee! TromaDance is the first and only film festival of the people, for the people and by the people. Hit last year: BANANA MOTHERFUCKER (described as mix between ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST yeah). 24 films this year, among them: 2 HOURS, THE NAZI FROM BEYOND, KERMANDO, EL INCREDIBLE TRUENO ESCARLATA.

-Zombies, zombies everywhere nowadays...anyway, I watched 2 HOURS (Dir by Michael Ballif, 2012) and I must say its well done. Takes 26 mins and 20 secs watch it. (PS! Its no humour in this film). 2nd short-movie planned and worth checkin out the 4 mins WITHIN (shotgun in the woods, strange and bit funny end).

-KERMANDO is a short damn funny violent animation from Iran (2012) director Hamed Ahrami. One worm stand up to 2 chickens massacre of their population.

-Ive seen the pilot of THE NAZI FROM BEYOND (2013), web-series of 5 episodes, 1st January 2014 inspired by comic & grotesque trash movies from the 80s and yeah thats exactly what it is. I think it need some more improvement before it be fund-raised (for instance cam focus).

-EL INCREDIBLE TRUENO ESCARLATA (2012) documentary about the Spanish superhero Scarlet Thunder, hahaha funny! Director David Macian previously made (real) documentary about the Spanish extraordinary whistler Curro Savoy (THE GOOD AND THE BAD AND THE UGLY), called VIVIR DEL AIRE (2010). His crooked teeth (high insured) may be the wonder of his work.

-For more info see http://tromadance.com/

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