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Summer Movies

Its been awhile since I wrote somethin here, well Ive been busy and I still am, but since the summer and till now Ive also been watchin movies, who'd expect I didnt? I decided I now post words about some of those Ive seen. Was on a record fair this last weekend, got me more LPs, mainly metal and thr…

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Movie Weekend

HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (2011) Dir by Brian A. Miller

Crime action movie about an ex-cop who's now security guard for an illegal casino where a robbery takes place. Ok as entertainment, but nothin special about it (except the damn big actor Dave Bautista) and misguidin cover w/Danny Trejo, who only…

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Movies since last time

-James Gandolfini (18 Sept 1961 – 19 June 2013) died last night in Rome, R.I.P. I was always hopin there would be more episodes of SOPRANOS, guess the last, mysterious episode in 2007 be the last of it.

-Its summer in Norway and it doesnt last long so its important set off some extra time for bee…

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New Rob Zombie movie

-New Rob Zombie movie THE BROAD STREET BULLIES is dealin with aggression in the American Ice-Hockey milieu. Expected released in 2015. Rob Zombie's THE LORDS OF SALEM is out, but so far Ive not seen it (the DVD premiere will be in Sweden on the 17th of July). I believe this to be in the same quality…

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Car-races and paranormal thriller

-Ive been addicted to car-races again now recently. Im not a pro, but its damn fun and after one beer one can consentrate much better about the road (make tht a suggestion for the politicians to change some rules here in Norway). After 8 beer or so one may feel like capable of everythin but more off…

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Troma release & movie reviews

-TEENAPE VS THE MONSTER NAZI APOCALYPSE (dir by Chris Seaver) released by Troma 7th of May (movie released on internet 8th of Feb). Ive not seen this movie yet, where Hitler is raised to life and start the Fourth Reich, but since Lloyd Kaufman is one of the few people in the world who dont wanna cha…

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The Life In Nazareth

Premier screenin of «The Endless Rock Party», the documentary about the rock band NAZARETH will be in Prague, Czech cinema on the 16th of May. In April it has been some talkin of havin the fans premiere on the 8th of May, but this is now confirmed not to happen. But if u are in this place of the w…

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The Start Of Bates

-Bates Motel (2013) tv-series, NBC Studios. How will a tv-series work, based on characters from the novel and the movie Psycho, set to a modern present time but with a story where the mother of Norman Bates is still alive? Well, it works very well in the first episode we are introduced to the things…

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TromaDance 2013

-Last time I posted somethin here was April Fool Day, and I guess you know...there is no C.O.S. movie with Bruce Willis in the makin hehe.

-Want somethin religious? Well, here's an alternative to traditional bible story, FIST OF JESUS (2012), Spain, Dir by David Munoz & Adrian Cardona. Jesus wakes …

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Ilsa Returns

-I can see the signs of the spring through the window, can soon drink the beer outside again, nice!

-After a break lastin 26 years Dyanne Thorne (the Ilsa movies) is back as an actress. She will appear in 2 movies in 2013. HOUSE OF THE WITCHDOCTOR (also star Bill Moseley, about 2 criminals who beco…

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-XEROX FEROX: The Wild World Of The Horror Film Fanzine is a book by John Szpunar to be published by Headpress and released on Fantacon (Albany, N.Y.) on the 14th of September. XEROX FEROX´s 500 pages have interviews with more than 50 fanzine editors, writers and other people involved mainly in the…

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-Exclusive clip from COOL AS HELL was uploaded on youtube yesterday! One hilarious far-out crazy horror comedy about 2 losers who befriend a demon and things change for the better until Hell comes to town. Starrin: Tom Savini, Frank Mullen (SUFFOCATION), Andrew W.K. (JACKASS-THE MOVIE, ALEISTERX ban…

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Movies March

-3 days film festival HORROR HOUND WEEKEND will take place in Ohio 22-24th of March. There will be preview screenin, tattoos, photo with celebs, books & signin, art, costume contest & zombie ball, saturday night concert, the real Christine car will be there and a lot of various horror stuff for sale…

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