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Agonia news

-New albums out on Agonia Rec in Europe yesterday: TEMPLE OF BAAL «Verses Of Fire» and GLORIOR BELLI «Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls» (B.M. with a feelin of Blues and 70s sound! Cool, worth checkin out). RAGNAROK on European tour with INCANTATION in November, startin in Aalborg, Denmark 08.11. Venomen…

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Video, signin and nostalgy

-International avantgarde B.M. Band CODE sign with Agonia Records for their 3rd album to be released later this year.

-Ray Manzarek (12 Feb 1939 – 20 May 2013, R.I.P.) was apart of formin the legendary acid-trippin rock band THE DOORS. I still think quite a few of their songs is just as good now as…

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New streamin

-Earlier 2day I forgot to mention the 3rd song from the new PEST album is now available for streamin online. 2nd song available online some days back. Seek and u will find.

-Of the present time thr is no official PERDITION HEARSE, THYABHORRENT or SHADOW DANCERS homepage or fb page, even some may cl…

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Theorder666 joined fb 11 June. I mentioned this new band before (without mentionin the band name). If u scroll down u may find out 2 of the band members. The 2 other band members Im sure u have heard about, it will be revealed later. The music is 80s B.M.

SCHAEFER Release Party

SCHAEFERs debut album, the vinyl release «Herregud» is out and the Release Party was on Saga Hotel in Sarpsborg yesterday. Its not much rock'n'roll goin on in this town nowadays, but yesterday was a nice gatherin of people from the Synth genree to Extreme Metal and all in between. Everybody in a goo…

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-WATAIN announce the openin show of the new world tour in their hometown Uppsala 24 Aug to be spectacular and where they can do more than possible from the rest of the tour. New Ep «All That May Bleed» (21 June) and album «The Wild Hunt» (19 Aug) to be released by Century Media.


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News from Agonia Records

-I mentioned the 1st disc of the new ABORYM album «Dirty» 27 May and here's some words about the 2nd disc. I never thought I would experience ABORYM doin covers in this way and really high quality, interestin versions of IRON MAIDEN «Hallowed Be Thy Name» (indeed very good!), PINK FLOYD «Comfortab…

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1st Summer Weekend Metal

-Anders Odden and Rene Jansen have started rehearsin together again. Its not under the name CADAVER, but the music, which Ive not heard, I would presume is in this music vein. They've had a couple of rehearsals, playin their own material with a complete band.

-PrimeSvartravn uploaded a new mobile-m…

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That Metal

-Molon Lave Records, active in the early 90s, releasin VARATHRON, MOONSPELL etc closed in 1995, but started up again this year. Sellin 2nd Hand vinyls. I dont know if they have plans for new releases.

-Brand new website launched 25 May www.varathron.com U will find news on their upcomin album and s…

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ABORYM without morality

-Back from the studio where one PERDITION HEARSE song been transfered for a CD to be released this year. Tell u no more.

-New ABORYM album (double) to be released 28 May by Agonia Rec. The album feature cover of songs by IRON MAIDEN, PINK FLOYD and NINE INCH NAILS. The offical teaser from last mont…

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StonerDoomRolkAtmosphericRockBlackMetal New Releses

-From Aftermath Music the full-length album (w/same title as the EP from last year) of Oslo's B.M. band DJEVEL: «Besatt Av Maane Og Natt» to be released 31 May. So far interestin B.M. with Norwegian lyrix. 3 accoustic European shows w/ANATHEMA is announced to happen 11-13 July (see Aftermath's websi…

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Underground labels

-Iron Bonehead Prod: Sex, Drinks & Metal label from Germany have some underground B.D.M. releases out since January tht u might want to check out. NAZARENE WHORE: «Heaven Bleeds Black» 7¨EP and WÜRM: «Vultures Of The Southern Seas» 7¨EP. Out in Dec 2012 ALCHEMYST: «Nekromantheion» debut full-length …

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Blood Harvest up-cumin releases

-NIFELHEIM and VULCANO live on Betong in Oslo tonight. New VULCANO album «The Man The Key The Beast» (released in April) actually sounds better to me then their old stuff. PS! Husk at øl-butikken er stengt imorra!

-CADAVERIC FUMES (formed in France 2011) 12¨ M-LP «Macabre Exaltation» out on Bloo…

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Rocka-psycho-billy bands & Jeff Hanneman R.I.P.

-Been listenin to some Rocka-psycho-billy bands this week. Worth mentionin HOT ROD FRANKIE (with members from ULTIMA THULE) who have a 2013 album out called «God, Gasoline & Me». Also Sweden's PITBULLFARM (re-formed last year) will be tourin this year and new album «Glory Hole Hallelujah» was out in…

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Black Magic Mushrooms & Neseblod to Helvete

-WITCHHAMMER is unfortunately without vocalist at the present time. I hope they find a solution to this soon coz I really much like to hear more of their new music.

-Kenneth told me he will move his record-shop NESEBLOD to Schweigaardsgate in Oslo this summer and actually the very same local where …

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-PENTACLE live in Helvete Metal Club, Oberhausen, Germany tonight and live in Brussel, Belgium tomorrow.

-Review of the great & memorable FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM gig on Rockefeller, Oslo 25 April is posted in S.N. New & Old.

Vinyl Nights

-This last weekend nights for playin good, old vinyls and I give you a summary of it here. When Friday evenin started I felt like I needed somethin to get in ecstatic motion from and a kick-off right a-fuckin-way, so I started with MINISTRY: «The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste» (1989). Its diffic…

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Goats, Death'N'Roll and Experimental

-MILKING THE GOATMACHINE's brand new album «Stallzeit» (NoiseArt Rec) is punky, dirty, brutal D.M. Grind. Its pretty cool but I might have liked it better if it wasnt for the growlin vocals. Anyway, its also some different moments of humour throughout this album: Benny Hill, phone-call w/goat-voice,…

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-SCHAEFER's self-financed debut album «Herregud» has a presumable release-date 8th of May. The band has got their test-press and the official LP is in the printin now. SCHAEFER play mood-filled alternative rock (with members from APOPTYGMA BERZERK and THYABHORRENT before). I saw them live in Janua…

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Black Metal Gone Ambient

-Attila Csihar live with GRAVETEMPLE in London 13-14 April. Their weirdest, most experimental, noisy and disturbin album is their 2007 debut «The Holy Down».

-MALDOROR who started up as a Black Metal band changed their name to THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE in 2001 to play more ambient experimental mus…

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