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ABORYM without morality

-Back from the studio where one PERDITION HEARSE song been transfered for a CD to be released this year. Tell u no more.

-New ABORYM album (double) to be released 28 May by Agonia Rec. The album feature cover of songs by IRON MAIDEN, PINK FLOYD and NINE INCH NAILS. The offical teaser from last month indicate the album to be a collection of violence and annihilation (which describe the album in a better way than the «peace & love» version of this month...if its «peace & love» music u want u will be disappointed!). Their new songs sounds as if they are more mature & self-confident, with a «give-a-fuck-about-things» attitude, portraied as very extreme and experimental Industrial Metal. ABORYM is still the real deal, over the edge and I cant trace any morality.

-Also out on Agonia Rec since Feb TOMBSTONE HIGHWAY debut full-length album «Ruralizer». This Italian band play great Southern Rock with a Metal sound.

-«Volcanic Eyes» from the forthcomin PEST album «The Crowning Horror» (to be released by Agonia Rec 18 June) is pretty fuckin cool Heavy Metal soundin Black Metal. Can now be streamed on Agonia's soundcloud.


-WITCH GRAVE (H.M. band formed in Denmark in 1979) will have their 2nd full-length album out on Hell's Headbangers 13th July (also out on Hammerheart Rec). Tell u the truth, I dont remember them from the old days, but they be tourin Europe this summer, first gig in Denmark 31 May.

-Debut album of INTÖXICATED (formed in Germany 2009) out on Hell's Headbangers Rec 14 May. «Röck 'N Roll Hellpatröl».

-Can also hear various comps for free on the Hell's Headbangers website, and they have lots of distro things.

-US Heavy Metal soundin B.M. band MIDNIGHT (Live Chile) and NUNSLAUGHTER (Live Colombia, unfortunately in poor quality), both bands have live-clips from their shows in May available.

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