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-New albums out on Agonia Rec in Europe yesterday: TEMPLE OF BAAL «Verses Of Fire» and GLORIOR BELLI «Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls» (B.M. with a feelin of Blues and 70s sound! Cool, worth checkin out). RAGNAROK on European tour with INCANTATION in November, startin in Aalborg, Denmark 08.11. Venomenon (NATTSOL) will be fillin in for HansFyrste (who has unavoidable commitments) to do the RAGNAROK vocal on this tour. New albums with CODE and EPHEL DUATH to be released in Europe 19 Nov and new INFERNO album out worldwide 24 Nov.

-MORTEM/PENTACLE «Liquefied Blood Of The Saints/Five Candles Burning Red» split-ep out on Iron Pegasus last month. Also new PENTACLE, MORTEM and SABBAT T-shirts available. The Iron Pegasus online shop is open again.

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