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SCHAEFER Release Party

SCHAEFERs debut album, the vinyl release «Herregud» is out and the Release Party was on Saga Hotel in Sarpsborg yesterday. Its not much rock'n'roll goin on in this town nowadays, but yesterday was a nice gatherin of people from the Synth genree to Extreme Metal and all in between. Everybody in a good mood, drinkin and havin fun. Its summer in Norway, not dark so soon and the beer tastes even better. Even so, its from one or another unexplainable reason some who still chose to stay home and watch TV. Whatsoever, enough people had attended the event to make it a great rock'n'roll party and everyone got a numbered copy of the LP, signed by the members in the band. Saga Hotel is a nice place as well, and the door was open to the long balcony, which was frequently visited by smokers. The live show was delayed for quite a long time, but this was no prob, the band did a great performance of their songs and while waitin a lot of talkin and meetin people one havent seen for awhile, nice! Lots of red light this time. Ive mentioned SCHAEFER before, so let me just conclude this report by sayin the band have created a new style called Schaefer Rock and u must listen to their music to know what Im talkin about. U can find pix from the party and the live show in Photos.

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