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-WATAIN announce the openin show of the new world tour in their hometown Uppsala 24 Aug to be spectacular and where they can do more than possible from the rest of the tour. New Ep «All That May Bleed» (21 June) and album «The Wild Hunt» (19 Aug) to be released by Century Media.

-TOBY KNAPP new album «Static Warfare» to be out on Shredguy Rec 2 July. Sounds, I think more aggressive than before on the intro suitable to the weapon-cover (a heavily armed un-concealed Trojan Horse) and the profession continues on in the song «Weaponology». This is Prog Metal and awhole lot of things is goin on from the very beginnin till the end of the album. Its fast, its sometimes a sound makin me think of weapons, its technical, its got an enjoyable harmony and mood. Good example of it all in the song «Plasma Spheroid». Toby Knapp for sure know how to handle the guitar on this all-instrumental album of variation, but I must say I miss some vocal. For more info on his other projects check his website.

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