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RÖVBALLEBANDET, Melkefabrikken, Sarpsborg 18 April 2014

(Live-report and photos by Culto Prietsu. Posted 19 April 2014)

Raggar-party! This live-report should better been written in Swedish coz thats what the raggar style is about, includin American cars and drinkin alcohol. The stage looked like a farmer's place with hay bales and sex-dolls (I guess in case of need for satisfaction). It would seem to be like an interestin and indeed very special show, even before the live activities started!

RÖVBALLEBANDET «is a 100% Swedish band from Norway». They've been around since the beginnin of the new millennium, released 2 albums and played gigs in Norway and Sweden. Their debut album was released 10 years ago this year, but the songs from both albums are still up to date of interest for ears who can appreciate the sounds of hillbilly music. RÖVBALLEBANDET have some very catchy songs and if ure into dirty humour, the uncensored lyrix will suit u very fine, with themes of nudity, cock, wankin and fuckin. Drinkin time and cruisin time.

The four Norwegian rednecks (from Østfold county) entered the stage in hats and ragger-style clothes, after the scheduled time, but the delay doubled the number of people attending the show and the real music party started before midnight.

Vocalist's mother entered the stage with a cake as gift, tastin and Swedish strippers helped feed the audience. At one time plastic things related to sex came flyin both ways in the air. The band invited girls to get up on the stage. It was also a man in the audience, who stripped naked and found his way to the stage. Erik Röv removed his pants and was rockin the stage with a fire-rocket in his ass. Many things were happenin durin the gig, also snow and bubbles and it was most definately entertainment from beginnin till end. A gig with RÖVBALLEBANDET is somethin quite unusual and out of the ordinary. It was all great fun, the humour, the catchy music, a good mood on the stage and the floor. A nice easter experience, an event to remember! They played songs like «Köra Naken», «Raggen Går» and Eddie Meduza songs. Check out their songs and cumin events for more dirty fun. http://rovballebandet.com/wp/


WITCHHAMMER (Support MECALIMB), Melkefabrikken, Sarpsborg, Norway 14 Dec 2013

Text and photos by Culto. (Posted 18 Dec 2013)

 WITCHHAMMER! Yeah, the band who released the masterpiece of an album and now hard-to-find «1487» LP back in 1990 is still around and introduced the x-mas time in Sarpsborg with metal this weekend. The band started in 1986 and proved at an early time to be a Thrash Metal band with catchy and interestin songs, its easy to like. WITCHHAMMER released their 3rd album in 2011, with a new vocalist, and in September this year it was announced that their 3rd vocalist joined the band. They are now workin on their 4th album, expected released in April 2014 and on this Saturday night we'd be delivered songs from the time to come as well as chosen songs from the early days. I'd not heard the new vocalist Sam Natanael sing a tone before so I was a bit curious and almost worried how it be, all I been told he was singin blues. The concert-room and the stage in Melkefabrikken is somethin very different and impressin compared to the minimal stage, almost on the floor, that we're used to from Vertshuset. Various kind of music folk were present as we stop by to check for concert info, sound found and people ready for a metal party. Time for some beer and metal music nostalgy before we returned. I'd expected the concert-hall to be crowded. It was not, but enough people there to make it what it be, a real metal party! And its always fun to meet again people from the past. People were thirsty, it was a waitin for the beer in the bars. MECALIMB, a groove D.M. band from Østfold county got the concert-night started with their sounds from the stage. A good choice for the job and people got in the right concert-mood. They played their songs wearin military (rambo) camouflage clothes and paint. Smoke-break and excited to find out how WITCHHAMMER would be. Waitin was over and WITCHHAMMER live is still cool, even a bit different then before, they make metal happen in an interestin way. «Touch Of An Angel» (definately the best song from «The Lost Tapes» album, released on cd by D&C 2000) worked fine and the same about «Kill All In Sight» + «Enola Gay» from the debut. I was surprised to hear the first tones from «The Whore Of Babylon» (I didnt expect they play this song). Even this was a different version than the one on the debut-album it was cool hearin it again, but I think this song need some re-arrangement to give it that right mood of emotion. The title-track from the 3rd album: «Chapter 3: In Serenity And Awe» was played and its good. WITCHHAMMER have a brand new song called «Save Me» (its available 4 sale online). They've said its their own fave and best song ever. Well, I dont know about that, I still have the songs from «1487» as my faves. I guess thats also becoz Ive heard them so many times, both in gigs and on vinyl. Anyway, its good to know that WITCHHAMMER continue on makin Thrash Metal songs to bang ur head to, now with a female keyboardist in the band (she also played on their last album). WITCHHAMMER created one helluva nice metal party for this night and in just a few months we will know more about the new WITCHHAMMER and what it be like in 2014+. In the meantime u can buy their music and merchandise through www.witchhammer.com   PS! New songs «Rising» and «From Hell» to be released in Jan 2014.


SLAUGHTERFEST, Feelgood, Halden, Norway 24 Oct 2013.


(Live-report by Culto Prietsu. Posted 28 Oct 2013)

SLAUGHTERFEST this night was supposed to be on John Dee in Oslo, but was cancelled and new place for it was Feelgood in Halden. This is a small club and could expect a metal night of intimacy. First band was TANTARA, Ive not heard them before, but found out it was a nice kick-off for this metal-night, with 4 bands to enter the stage. The quiet beginnin on a couple of their songs transformed to fast Thrash Metal, catchy and seemed like the band enjoy doin gig. Right metal feelin was started.

 The time set off for each band's playlist was very strict on this tour and we didnt have to wait long till next band was on the stage. I was listenin to MASTER when they released their debut-album in 1990 and still to this date I think its a masterpiece, but Ive never seen them live before. I was both excited and curious about how it be. Ive seen some live-clips in youtube and not all of it was promisin, maybe becoz of a more growlin vocal than the brutal intensity of the debut-album and perhaps also those live-recordings Ive seen suffered from some poor sound quality. I guess its natural that we can expect that the voice of the old-time thrash and death-metal vocalists goes through changes through the years. But what got my special attention was the unusual half-crazy mental look of Paul Speckmann when he is in motion to the MASTER music live. First time I saw it I was surprised. amazed and hopin I see this happen in real life on a concert, this night I did! It is funny, made me smile, and this is even reason good enough to see MASTER live, its an unexpected behaviour and show! MASTER have the power and the speed and I saw the guitar-fingers move all around on guitar-neck as well! Paul Speckmann introduced their new album «Witchhunt» (out on F.D.A. Rekotz on the 27th Sept), pointed at me and said its somethin Ive not heard. Yeah haha, those who know me also know that Im a nostalgy-man most fond of music from the old-days (and thats ALL bands, a friend of mine even say I dont have records released after 1990, haha, thats not true but a point made). Anyway, MASTER still deliver the metal-goods and I recommend u check out their many albums and roarin gigs. I enjoyed this show and was happy that they played the good, old classic «Pay To Die» before they left the stage (one of the 2 very best songs from the debut-album). Nice meetin an old-days penpal after some 20 years, hey metal never dies hehe!! And made sure I used the opportunity get my 2 test-press LPs signed.

 M:PIRE OF EVIL is the band with Mantas and Demolition Man from VENOM. Ive not heard much of their music, but I would expect it be some VENOM songs, and right on, it was. They played «Die Hard», «Dont Burn The Witch», «Welcome To Hell» (with bloody mouth-show of Demolition Man), «Black Metal» and «Witchin Hour». It was really good performances of the songs and energetic live in motion of Demolition Man and Mantas. Its great to see the original pioneer of Black Metal riffs is still doin it in the good old way! They made the audience involved in the songs and even it was just some 40 people on the floor (! how can that be possible when 4 bands like this play live?), the band didnt hold back anythin. Its nice to see this engagement and it kind of reminded me of old VENOM. M:PIRE OF EVIL also played «Demone» (EP 2013, the two EP trax also featured on the full-length «Crucified», with only VENOM songs, released on Mausoleum Records this spring). Of the 4 bands this night I think M:PIRE OF EVIL was the best.

 ONSLAUGHT have a new album out called «VI». I think its really good thrash, with my fave song to be «Children Of The Sand» (with those strange kinda Middle-East sounds). They played «66'Fuckin'6», also a cool song. ONSLAUGHT played the songs from the A-side of their 2nd album «The Force». Personally I always thought the debut-album «Power From Hell» was the most interestin from this band ever, it was the time when it all was dirty soundin and very underground. Both the sound, the more screamin-vocal of Sy Keeler and song-construction changed on their 2nd album. Songs like «The Sound Of Violence» and «Burn» were on the repertoir this night, before the conclusion-phase with the song «Power From Hell». It was a good gig, but this is more sharp, polished and technical compared to the other bands.

All in all a very nice metal-night, meetin friends and enjoyin poundin extreme metal of 4 bands with different style and sound. Tour till 3rd of November.


BUNKER FEST, Parkteatret, Oslo 23 Aug 2013


(Live-report and photos by Culto Prietsu. Posted 26 Aug 2013).


Startin off with a visit in Schweigaardsgt 56, the local where Helvete once was located and where Neseblod Rec shop is now. Met Nocturno Culto and we started talkin old memories from the place in 1991. In the major cellar (now departed rooms with merchandise for sale, once one bigger tv-room where many bottles of beer were consumed). Laughter as old stories were spoken and we continued into the inner room, where I once painted Black Metal on the wall, which is still there. We were supposed to continue this talkin there, with beer like in the old-days, was just gonna find the hotel-room, but damn it was a queue and search for location unknown was a fuckin 2 hours ride!! Anyway, time will come again! Dinner (det ær vikti å døtte i seg) and a couple beer and ready to go, well that means a 300+ meters in a taxi (better not walk more than necessary). Marlboro and beer from the beginnin to the end.

First band out, the revolutionary Sicilian band SCHIZO, started playin extreme metal in 1984 and released the intense and aggressive masterpiece of a debut-album «Main Frame Collapse» (1989). As a pleasant surprise they kicked off the festival-night with an old favourite, klassikeren «Epileptic Void» from the debut-album, («Main Frame Collapse» is maybe the most interestin album released in 1989). Us familiar with this quality song in excited intensity raised our arm and sang along on the repeated sentence in the song. And as another surprise I felt the 1st song to be the best moment of this music night. What a great openin of the Friday Bunker Fest. I was expectin SCHIZO to be the headliners, but Friday's very best came right away when the stage-music started on this night. Vocalist Nicola entered the stage in a balaklava and was wearin it throughout the whole gig. I expected it was damn hot in the heated local, but accordin to him it was ok and fine. And wearin it so long brings for sure an impression of the unknown with the feelin of terror. SCHIZO Live is active and intense, just the way I wanna experience them. Played songs from their various albums, among them another klassiker from the debut-album, «Make Her Bleed Slowly». SCHIZO is a band that deliver the extreme goods! Listen their albums and if u get a chance to see them live, do not hesitate a second.

Next band out was the once Australian, now European band DESTROYER 666. They have some really good songs with a great brutal and heavy sound from their last studio-album «Defiance» (2009) and great hearin «I Am The Wargod» live as well. They spent a half-eternity on their soundcheck, but still didnt seem to be all satisfied with the sound equipment and honestly I was expectin it be an even more straight-in-the-face sound. Still it was a gig with nice, brutal music and self-confident individuals on stage, who brought us what we would like. It was more crowded in the audience when they played and it was also people who had expected them to be the headliners. For those who came too late to see the first band, its unfortunate u wont know what it was like. Anyway, on this time people had reached both the place and the right beer-mood (øl er en flink oppfinnelse). Even the day after I was startin laughin when I remembered Tore Brathseth's head-dress for some moments durin the Friday night, haha. DESTROYER 666 continued on with songs to keep people in the right metal mood. DESTROYER 666 vocalist mentioned Jeff Hanneman and ended their gig of brutality with SLAYERs «Black Magic». Smoke-breaks in between the gigs and meetin friends of the old days. Thats always nice! Years passed by but we are still the same. And this turned out to be a nice night with laughter, jokes, rock n roll fun, updates, nostalgy, beer drinkin, nice live shows and all in all a memorable night.

3rd band on stage was Oslo's DJEVEL. First songs without the vocalist (but still with vocals performed), guitar-players in black robes, makin it a teatrical and interestin show. Eventually corpse-painted vocalist entered the stage and takes over the singin. DJEVEL continued give us a devilish live mood. With a new beer in my hand I enjoyed both the music and the show.

4th band out, URFAUST, is a duo who play very heavy and perhaps a bit melancholic metal, with some kind of resemblance to old SAMAEL. Even all the 5 bands for Friday's Bunker Fest play extreme metal, its great variation in the bands music. URFAUST was the heaviest for the night and a difference. Some people disappeared and when headliner ISVIND was doin their gig it was not the same crowded audience. Anyway, they did what they came there to do and performed their kind of modern Black Metal. ISVIND Live is a bit of an unusual show, this night with frontman Goblin in the right mood in talkin to the audience and makin it a nice live experience.

All in all, the bands, the people, the place...everythin just went out cool and it was a nice rock n roll Friday night. BUNKER FEST started on Thursday and continued on Saturday and if u wanna know what it was like on those days u will find it somewhere else. BUNKER FEST 2013 was arranged by Kenneth from Neseblod Rec; started in 2003 as a collector/special shop from an idea of long-time LP-enthusiast and 2nd hand record-shop Pretty Price employee Ruben De Jong. He was also the drummer in the band TRASHCAN DARLINGS. Ruben died on the 22 Aug 2013, R.I.P.

TNT, Odins Kro/Gressvik Summerparty, Fredrikstad, Norway 2 Aug 2013

(Words and photos by Culto Prietsu. Posted 5 Aug 2013)

The main square in Gressvik (right outside Fredrikstad) have buildings around it in all four directions, a stage was built for this weekend's happenin in the open air there. Its a perfect place have an event like this, and with the pioneers of Norwegian Metal to play live it was the right settin and place to be, better have a trip to the neighbour city to check things out. Even its kind of a local event it can be strange things happenin: I got delayed losin my fanzine cam in my own place(!), found it, walkin marathon, got too late for meetin-place...after a twitch on the way, finally I got there in time before TNT started the show. People in this square were all ready for rock n roll the heavy way and thats what we were gonna get! TNT had their 30th anniversary last year and this night they played songs from the various albums. Songs like «Ready To Leave» (from «Knights Of The New Thunder» 1984) and «U.S.A.» followed by «Harley Davidson» from their debut album. It was a good mood with people singin along, also when Ronni Le Tekrö walked to the mic and started singin «Jon Blund» (Swedish/Norwegian old fashion lullaby), cool variation! Also nice hearin «My Religion» which is one of my fave TNT songs from the new millennium. Le Tekrö is still one of the best metal guitar-players in the world and one can always expect some impressive solos to be performed, which was the case for this show as well and it came to us portionwise. The band has continued on with Tony Mills on vocals since 2007 (after Tony Harrell left the band in 2006) and recorded 3 albums, the best of them is «A Farewell To Arms» (2010). Tony Harrell has a speciality in reachin very high tunes, and of course we all miss this in some songs live, but TNT still rocks in the heavy way and nice see them in concert. At times it was some really bombastic drums and it be interestin with even more of this sound, hard and heavy. Various effects on screens in the background and Diesel's drums glowin green like a flash, cool! The band had a break, then back on the stage to finish the show with the 80s songs «Everyone's A Star», «Intuition» and «Seven Seas». Gressvik Summerparty is a nice place for an urban event! Nachspiel on Chopper Freaks MC. The club been existin since 1986 and if comparin their local on Lisleby nowadays with their local on Gressvik before its now very stylish and fancy with nice-lookin interior, interestin posters and various things on the walls, includin the funny picture of the club members, entitled «Not The Last Supper». They have a motorcycle hangin from the roof, dart-machine, bar and its for sure a nice place to be. Ok, final words...if u havent seen the new TNT and wonder what its like u better go see them live if u have a chance coz its still like a heavy rock n roll party and will bring u in the right mood, and u better hurry up if u wanna see this line-up live...perhaps even this gig was the very last chance.

GLASSHEIM Festival, Untouchables Hard Rock Club, Jevnaker, Norway 27 July 2013

(Words and photos by Culto Prietsu. Posted 1 Aug 2013).

We were on a roundtrip in Norway, havin started in Sweden with Export Beer in the beginnin of the week and passed through Jevnaker. Saw sign of glass festival (its so much glass of all kinds in Jevnaker) and we continued on the road to Hønefoss, met rocker and notice about the event, more info on our located base. Better have a water splash and got our voreplay for the cumin event started, we didnt know about where to go. Reached the festival on the 2nd day, thats Saturday, and was told it been mostly local bands there playin on Friday. Untouchables Hard Rock Club is one very unique Metal house with news-clips, posters, vinyls, flags, t-shirts, framed kzs and all kinds of merchandise on the walls all around in both floors. On this day it was some different stands there sellin various things. I went straight over to the LPs and to my surprise I found out it was Tore from OLD FUNERAL (and several other bands) who was the seller. Nice meetin again after all these many years. (Words about the 2013 OLD FUNERAL release in another article). When I arrived I was bein told that it had been concerts with new and local bands on a small stage in the 1st floor durin the day-time. Not long after I arrived the event continued in the 2nd floor on the nice stage they have there. 1st band to play there was Swedish band THE DEAD AND LIVING. They were all painted white in their faces. I think their music was cool, Metal with a feelin of Dark Rock (or opposite, and I believe they are influenced by MARILYN MANSON). They played songs like «Mayday, Mayday» (and everyone in the audience got involved in the song), «Untouchables» (dedicated to this Metal house where the event took place) and «Dance With The Dead» (which opened their gig). I like their music, I think its good and catchy and I think it was a good show. It was time for a break and another smoke and some more music talk (includin the old days). And then it was time for the next band CHROME DIVISION. Unfortunately Shagrath of DIMMU BORGIR had got an arm injury and was unable to play, but the band gave us all a great show from the very 1st moment, with Shady Blue (the vocalist) enterin the stage with a smokin cigar and he is a good beer-drinker, kept drinkin beer throughout their gig till it was none left, but got one handed up from the audience and he could keep the beer-drinkin spirit goin on and was never in danger of gettin sober hehe. He and the guitarist and bassist entered the stage in leather jackets. To me this seemed real damn hot in the Norwegian summer heat and I understan his comment about a wish for havin an air-con on the stage. I will describe CHROME DIVISION as raw, party rock n roll metal. It was both fun & entertainin (one example is the vocalists special use of movement with a tamborin and the bands live attitude as well). After some songs they realised it was too hot wearin those leather jackets and I could also feel the heat coz bright light was hittin the audience intense very often throughout the 3 gigs in the 2nd floor (this was a little too much if u ask me...it was already too hot from the Norwegian summer sun). CHROME DIVISON played songs like «Bulldogs Unleased», «Fight», «Raise Your Flag» and «Trouble With The Law». This is a real cool band and I recommend u all to check out their songs, videos and if they play live; go and see them! It was time for another break and some smokes coz it was a delay havin happened durin the day and LITA FORD entered the stage much later than the announced time 23:30. I believe it is a very friendly neighbourhood in this area, who can handle some hard music after midnight coz LITA FORD was on stage until 2 o'clock in the night. She let us all know that it was gonna be a concert with songs from all the decades in her career. Pretty soon in the setlist came the catchy song «Relentless» from her latest album (2012) and the hit-song «Gotta Let Go» from her 1984 album «Dancin On The Edge». She changed guitar and picked up the prototype guitar, 2 in 1 and she said «its only one of this...just like me!» and reminded us that we all have a devil inside playin «Devil In My Head», which is another good song from the «Living Like A Runaway» album and played the title track as well. Durin the gig Lita and guitarist Mitch did some impressive guitar-solos and it looked like Mitch had a real good time coz he was smilin from the beginnin till the end. Lita Ford had a funny story; she had been on The Rainbow in Hollywood, California walkin down the street to Lemmy's house and been stuck there in 3 days drinkin whiskey and the song «Cant Catch Me» was made, and it was nice hearin it live also. She pointed a finger at an Ozzy poster on the wall and said she co-written a song with him and performed «Close My Eyes Forever». This song is from the 1988 album entitled «Lita». On this time and the 1990 album «Stiletto» she had a more commercial mainstream look and Im happy to know she changed her style and havin a totally 100% rock n roll look again, wearin black leather pants, black t-shirt with the print Rock N Doll and more tattoos through the years. The show must go on and performed «Black Leather» (made by Steve Jones from SEX PISTOLS) and even «Cherry Bomb» from Lita Ford's first band THE RUNAWAYS (1975-1979). Songs like «Back To The Cave» and «Out For Blood» (the debut in 1983) were also played before the last song «Kiss Me Deadly». Durin the show it was even a drum-solo, which was more usual bands did back in the old days. I have LITA FORDs first albums on LP and like Joan Jett Ive heard her music in every amusement park Ive been but never seen her live, but I found out this for sure still rocks! If u havent seen her live before, its not too late! This was a great rock n roll show (maybe even better than before?) and the latest album have also got some very good songs. So if u see a LITA FORD gig bein announced, dont hesitate, just go there and enjoy the hard rock n roll metal show. And if ure in Hønefoss go the 10 kilometers to reach Jevnaker and check out the Untouchables Hard Rock Club, coz its really amazin! GLASSHEIM Festival been goin on since 2006 and Im sure it will be interestin be there next year as well. TNT,  NAZARETH, BACKSTREET GIRLS, PAUL DIANNO, JORN, CARBURETORS, DIMMU BORGIR, W.A.S.P. and a whole lot more of metal bands have played on Untouchables Hard Rock Club and I can gurarantee there be much more metal fun there in the future.


OLD FUNERAL: «Our Condolences 1988-1992» (Soulseller Records, 2013)

(Words by Culto Prietsu. Posted 1 Aug 2013)

An OLD FUNERAL comp of material from 1988-1992, entitled «Our Condolences» was released in February and its one real interestin release with many photos from the old days, their flyers and demo-covers + EP-cover printed. Both «The Fart That Should Not Be» (1989) and «Abduction Of Limbs» (1990) demos are featured. In addition its got a song from Grieghallen (1991) and 4 songs from Kardemommehuset (1992). Its also got live-recordings from Bergen in 1991 on Garage and Hulen. I must admit its a long time since I was listenin to OLD FUNERAL and I was kind of surprised to find out this is still damn cool Death Metal with an old-school dirty sound and the 1992 recordin is more like Black Metal. This is a very nice compilation in all ways and I recommend u get it, even if ure from the old days or now.

KANONROCK Festival, Halden, Norway 13 July 2013

(Words and pix by Culto Prietsu. Posted 15 July 2013)

KANONROCK is a new 1-day festival located on the fortress in Halden. It started around noon and with the first band TWINTOULOUSE about an hour later. We came there in time to see the 10 members line-up do their rock and blues orchestral show on stage. First festival beer consumed in the sun. Halden fortress is a perfect place to have concerts, with nice landscape and constructions all around. Im never gettin tired of lookin and walkin through this centuries old and fascinatin place...except for Saturday's long upward walk to one of the tops, where I needed 3 breaks to get my stomach up there. Reachin the top it was such a nice view in all directions and to the festival area and stage as well, so we decided stay there for awhile, and it was great fun. Found somethin like nature's own refrigerator there and cold for the sun, Ive had bad experience before so I remembered sun-cream this time (think I praise me lucky for this now). Clear variation in music from the different bands from speakers in the distance. New, unknown and local + the calm, laidback music of Tommy Tokyo. Recently Ive discovered the bands GERILJA and WARP RIDERS and they were the main reason for my presence on this festival. I think its somethin special about these bands. Time was gettin close to GERILJAs appearance and it was time gettin ears and eyes close to the stage. Their debut album was released in May and their single «Animals» is such a catchy and unique song Ive played it over and over again on repeat the last week. Also their «Lightning Death» song + promo vid has got this 70s psychedelic rock feelin mixed with other music genrees and I find it real interestin! The backdrop on the stage was changed to mysticism of the dollar bill and a colorful landscape. It seems they were not so fortunate with the sound on this day in the bright light, but it was nice see them live, and I believe its even better if they play in a dark club. On this time I had reached a Hunter S. Thompson state where I asked myself «where am I and what am I doin here?» and this state of mind would happen again later on durin the night. GERILJA finished the show with their single-song and it was time for a new break and a rock n roll chat (and of course not without a beer) in where we'd made it our ground for the day. I realised with consern and fun it was not only me who had reached this strange state of mind, but it was all just cool. Time gettin back to the stage and see WARP RIDERS, the headliners. When I saw their «Black Widow» live-video on internet I was surprised to find out how much movement the vocalist put into the rock n roll show on stage and I was wonderin if he would deliver the same this night. He did! It was indeed a very cool concert to witness, with stoner BLACK SABBATH soundin music. A rock n roll show like its meant to be in sound, motion and great entertainment gettin u into the right mood. Unfortunately the festival closed rather early, but the party was for sure not over (but thats another story). Even it was few people who had attended the 1st KANONROCK Festival I must say it was a nice event and I hope it will be a 2nd festival next year and if so I be excited to find out which bands will be there. Salute!

SCHAEFER Live in Fredrikstad 2013

SCHAEFER, Live Verdensspeilet, Fredrikstad, Norway 27 April 2013


(Live-report and photos by Culto Prietsu. Posted 28 April 2013)

Wow! SCHAEFER is gettin rougher, tougher, more raw and intense. Their Live sound is kind of aggressive and brutal compared to their studio recordings. I like this band better for each new time I see them in concert and the Live sound is exactly what I like to hear. I got the same feelin when I saw their gig in January. My beer was empty and I would like another but it was a long row with people waitin to buy another and I decided I better wait till the gig was done coz I didnt wanna miss any of this show. Maybe SCHAEFERs gigs before have been some kind of warmin-up of what to come coz they are really self-confident with the right rock n roll attitude now. Truls is really rockin the bass and much more active than before, go on in this way! Vegard is takin part in the backin vocals and with such a volume! SCHAEFER was much rougher through the whole gig now then ever before. It happened to be an explotion of sound and green lasers all around this room which looks like an inverted viking-ship or church with many meters up to the roof, very effectful and quite a few times I looked up to the roof instead of the stage. Kim didnt do all his usual crazy Iggy Pop jumpin this time but definately in action. Verdensspeilet is a rather small place and not room for many people but this makes it all more intime and I like that better than the big mainstream crowds. If ure a bookin-agent I suggest u take contact with SCHAEFER. If ure interested in Alternative Rock u should get urself a flight-ticket to Norway when they play Live again. And to record- companies: get a fuckin break from ur office and go find out what this band is like!

THE PUSSYCLUB was supposed to be the support band but somethin happened about one member who couldnt arrive in time, so the nice guys in SCHAEFER let THE PUSSYCLUB headline this gig. THE PUSSYCLUB did not create the same kind of intensity. Started slow and continued slow with quite calm music, which may be described as Alternative Rock Dark Wave. After awhile it was a faster rock tempo to the music. And by the way, THE PUSSYCLUBs synth/keyboard player is also playin with WITCHHAMMER.



FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway 25 April 2013

Support: MAGENTA

(Live-report and photos by Culto Prietsu. Posted 26 April 2013)

This will be one memorable gig by this early Gothic Dark Wave band. Ive never seen them Live before but I knew I had to be there on Rockefeller when I heard they be visitin Norway and play songs from both their early moodfilled Gothic Dark Rock period in the 80s and songs from their much more extreme music period of later time.

First band out was MAGENTA, who play kind of melodious Gothic Rock and definately not as intense as FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, but good music and good choice to get this gig started. Openin with the song «Darkest Dream Part 2», a catchy song and got me in motion. I was surprised to see how few people had showed up and even when F.O.T.N. entered the stage I guess it was not more than 400 people or so.

Can hear intro sound from the stage, the instruments make music, Carl McCoy enter the stage and its a kick start with the hard & fast experimental-raw-metal-goth song «Straight To The Light» (the Biblical story about the Watchers who came from Heaven and copulated with beautiful human females and gave birth to the Nephilim). This song, from the great «Mourning Sun» album in 2005, is among their rougher songs and an excellent start. Next song «Trees Come Down» is back to the early years of F.O.T.N. and I was surprised to find out this had more punch and sounded better then their 80s recordin. Great light show with lots of color and white slow strobes that make u feel almost blinded for some moments. The stage was at times also bathed in blue light and lasers and lots of smoke. Two red F.O.T.N. banners with occult symbols on each side of the stage. The band members appeared in dusty clothes (with the help of flour) and the good old reference to spaghetti westerns and McCoy and 1 of 2 guitarists in cowboy hats. From their 80s period they played songs like «Love Under Will» (93, u know what I mean) and «Psychonaut» and great to be able to hear these old classics performed in the year 2013, my body in motion again. They played the dark, heavy and melancholic song «Mourning Sun» and left the stage. My friend shouted out «NO!» and I told him: relax, they be back on the stage again and play at least one more song and thats «Moonchild». Didnt take long time before thats what they did and put me back in motion once again hearin this classic among the band's songs with reference to the battle between white and black magicians. Endin the gig with «Last Exit For The Lost». See F.O.T.N. Live nowadays is such a nice experience with songs from their various music styles and so absolutely recommended. The voice of Carl McCoy is still impressin and amazin. See them live in England, Germany or another country with more fans is probably even more interestin with the audience makin more out of it. If I get to hear that they be playin «Sumerland» (my all-time-fave) in another country I might just as well go travellin. 


(Words by Culto Prietsu. Posted 24th of May).

DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND (2010) Dir by Mark McQueen

This was described as zombie-movie and I was suspicious coz its zombies all around nowadays. But this one is a bit different (maybe becoz its from England). I like the good, old zombie movies, for instance CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (1980), where somekind of unexplained gateway to Hell is opened and makes the dead walk the Earth again, and they walk very slow, which is what they should. In DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND the zombies are very fast, but actually it works well, becoz its some kind of medical experiment gone wrong, which intention was to give the persons more energy, exactly! This makes it actually a bit scary and its a suspense story. I like this movie. Good actin by the cast, incl Danny Dyer (FOOTBALL FACTORY) and Craig Fairbrass (who reminds me of a mix between Vinnie Jones and Gerard Butler). This is the one and only movie Mark McQueen has directed so far, so lets say we be waitin in excitement for more.


PINEAPPLE EXPRESS (2008) Dir by David Gordon Green

This is a real good flyin-high comedy, so if u gonna fire the bong and wanna laugh in 1h and 47mins (theatrical version) or 1h and 52mins (extended version, recommended) this is a movie to choose! Need I say more? No, I dont think so.


HEARTLESS (2009) Dir by Philip Ridley

A strange and unusual horror drama devilish demonic thriller from England. About sacrifices to get what one want in life. Its a life philosophy mixed with fantasy and reminds me of no other movie, except for perhaps ANGEL HEART.

Vinyl Nostalgy

Here's some of the vinyls Ive been listenin to lately, we're talkin nostalgy.

(Words by Culto Prietsu. Posted 24th May).

OZ: «Turn The Cross Upside Down» (Maxi, 1984, Tyfon Grammofon AB)

One very special soundin song, so different from the usual Heavy Metal of this time. Startin heavy and continues in this vein, but goin faster. Great sound of the 80s, great song, its great performance and mood. OZ was never a Black Metal band but this is for sure one 100% anti-christian song. Maybe Finland's most interestin release? B-side has songs from their «Fire In The Brain» album and its «Gambler» and «Search Lights». Good songs, but the title-track is unique!


CELTIC FROST: «To Mega Therion» (1985, Noise)

This is old school so 100% and the sound, simple but very interestin songs. A-side has the doom, dark ritualistic mood. The album of one of the better Black Metal bands from the old days (and it was not many in those days). Great H.R. Giger cover and title w/reference to Aleister Crowley's Great Beast. U should get it and keep it. B-side start with «Circle Of The Tyrants», my all-time fave C.F. song. This sound is special ok even it one may feel its in a box its damn good.


TNT: «Knights Of The New Thunder» (1984, Polygram/Vertigo)

This is one of those albums that made me a Metalhead. I was just a kid when this album was released and Id never heard anythin like this be4. Ive played it since it was released and I play it still. I saw them live on Momarkedet back in the middle of the 80s (it was actually the first real Heavy Metal gig I attended), it was soo impressive with that big Viking Ship on the stage and I still have pictures of this show in my mind. On this time it was only 3 Viking Metal bands in the world (TNT, MANOWAR and HEAVY LOAD). TNT even made a success in Japan and put Norway on the map of Heavy Metal. Even though the Metal from Norway gone more extreme by the years (with Black Metal and various styles), I would still guess that Norway wouldnt be the same Metal country 2day if it had not been for this release! Nowadays I usually play 2 songs from the album, which I consider the very best, its «Seven Seas» and «Knights Of The Thunder». Diesel told me, some time earlier in this millennium, that they gonna play «Knights Of The Thunder» live again. Well, it has not happened on TNT gigs Ive seen since then, but maybe one day. «Knights Of The New Thunder» was the first TNT album with Tony Harrell and one can hear his incredible high vocals. Ronni Le Tekrø proved to have an extraordinary talent for guitar-playin even in an early age and is still one of the best guitar-players in the world (I suggest u also check out things he done with the other guitar-guru of Norway, Terje Rypdal, and check out the latter's moodfilled songs from the movie HEAT as well). Since I write some words about TNT here Id also like to mention the song «Give Me A Sign» (from their «My Religion» album) which I would consider one of their best songs ever. TNT had their 30th anniversary last year and is still goin strong. Their next concert will be on Atlanterhavsrock in Averøy, Norway on the 15th of June. Nowadays with Tony Mills (from the 80s band SHY) on vocal. In case uve missed it, its worth checkin out their 2011 album «A Farewell To Arms». New issue of Norway Rock Magazine is still available and if u buy it in a shop like Narvesen it incl a TNT comp.album, also featurin side-projects of the members in the band.


FURIOUS PIG: «Furious Pig» (Maxi, 1981, Rough Trade Rec)

This is probably the most insane vinyl I have in my collection. It sounds as if it was recorded by insaniacs on a mental asylum. Imagine some mental patients locked inside a recordin studio and this is pretty much what it would sound like. On the label its written «any speed» so I tried it first on 45, which makes it most disturbin. Then I tried it on 33, which makes the insanity a bit lowered but lastin longer. Its mental, mental, mental and u must hear it to believe it. PS! If u gonna try acid for ur first time, do not play this album coz it would probably result in u never gettin down from ur bad-trip again.


BLACK SABBATH: «Heaven And Hell» (1980, Warner)

This is what I would call a revolutionary album in Hard Rock, 1980 and they have the groove, the catchy riffs, the heavy drums sometimes domestic. The first full-length B.S. album with Ronnie J. Dio on vocals. The musical trip takes u higher than the stars, its got life-philosophy in the lyrix. Its close to what I would call a «perfect» (but I never use tht word) album. The follow-up album «Mob Rules» also got all of this things to make it a night sad, smile, drink..whatever. The original line-up of B.S. (except Bill Ward) is back and this time it seems the album actually will be released (on the 11th of June). Ive been waitin for this to happen ever since the re-union and the release of 2 great songs in 1998. What Ive heard and seen so far, of the cumin album entitled «13» is interestin. They are legends, and now with the drummer of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and AUDIOSLAVE behind the battery. Just watchin and hearin Ozzy speak makes me laugh, and its in a good way coz he is for sure one very special guy. Btw, Im sure the studio version of «Loner» is better than the out-of-tune live performance. Guess it just need some time to be prepared in the right way coz «End Of The Beginning» and «God Is Dead?» is very good long lastin songs.



(Written by Culto Prietsu. Posted 11 May 2013)


THE TOOLBOX MURDERS (1977) Dir by Dennis Donnelly

This movie is an old classic with different kind of filmin and editin. Religious talkin in the car radio and sweet music when killin. Director make u surprised and think the killer is someone else. After this movie was released people were no longer sure if the safety-chain on their door was enough (it can easily be cut with the right tool). THE TOOLBOX MURDERS 1977 is a great slasher and giallo movie until 50 mins where the murderer is revealed. From that time its more like MANIAC (which was released 3 years later). The killer think its an ugly world with what people do («I will climb Jacobs Ladder»). Kelly Nichols (bath-tub girl) was usually a porn star but even had a stunt in KING KONG (1976). Cinematographer Gary Graver directed over 100 pornos under the name Robert McCallum. THE TOOLBOX MURDERS is actually Dennis Donnelly's first and only feature film (he is better known for directin tv-series, like Charlies Angels). This movie was very central in the «video violence» hysteria in the Swedish TV program Studio 5 in 1980 and it was one of the «video nasties» in England, where it was banned in 1982 (and until the year 2000). This movie made such impression on legendary director Tobe Hooper that he actually made a re-make in 2004.


CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL (1993) Dir by Trey Parker

Starts with Juan Schwartz (actually pseudonym for Trey Parker) as the cowboy cannibal who bites off the arm of a victim and hit the next person comin around with it. Pullin the tongue out of some just to eat it. Intro text: «Violent scenes have been edited out» is absolutely not true! This movie has  so much funny stupidity in it. When u see it u will know what I mean by sayin: distance from the campfire becoz of bad behaviour, stone thrown in river, Japanese wild-west Indians translation and stupid smiles, make a snowman and shot in the head, would rather eat humans than shoe coz put ones feet in a shoe, watch out for the bear-trap MUUUUAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! The songs is also somethin of its own. This is a real cult-movie and the story has even been done in theatres many times since the release in 1993. U can see the full movie on the official web-page www.cannibalthemusical.net and there u will find lots of additional info as well. Alferd Packer, who the movie is based on, is the one and only person in American history who have been convicted of cannibalism.


THE DEVIL INSIDE (2011) Dir by William Brent Bell

Movie about possession and catholic exorcism. The movie is made in a way as if it was a documentary, it works kind of but no new phenomenon. THE DEVIL INSIDE is meant to scare u...well, it didnt scare me, maybe it scares u? And demonic swearin is included if u like that.


HOUSE (1986) Dir by Steve Miner

This was a pretty original horror comedy when it was released in the 80s. Watchin it again now was not the same. Ok, its got a few laughter-scenes, but pretty much everythin about this movie seem outdated and dull now. And its a movie made for everyone, really nothin special about it. Producer Sean S. Cunningham did much better with FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980) who he also directed.


SWERVE (2012) Dir by Craig Lahiff

This movie was described as somethin in the vein of U-TURN so it got my attention. Drives into a town called Neverest, first sign it might be complications here and yez complications is what happens, pretty much in the vein of U-TURN, but this Australian movie is not quite as good. But pretty nice entertainment.


CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH (1986) Dir by Richard W. Haines & Lloyd Kaufman

Tromaville: Toxic Chemical Capital of the World. Weed grown on toxic area, call it Atomic High and can sell it for more. This is kind of the far-out version of CLASS OF 1984, much more weird, creatin an unreal world caused by toxic contact. Nuclear radiation, contamination, waste and pollution. Troma team know to bring humour in the extreme. While CLASS OF 1984 could be some kind of warnin of the potential growin US school violence, CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH go over the edge, stripped of moral and most definately an exploitation movie. I got hold of a special edition DVD w/LOTS of extra material: scenes from the Tromaville Cafe TV Show, Short Radiation March, Description of Troma head crushin scenes, Inside the Troma Buildin w/the Hot Dogs sex-scene, incredible! Lloyd Kaufman presentations, Michael Herz (vice president and co-founder of Troma) food description and just pushin burgers into the mouth, YEAHHH!!! (det lønnær seg å baaare døtte i seg ja! likær det). RETURN TO NUKE 'EM HIGH 2013 directed by Lloyd Kaufman premiered on the Tromaville film-festival in April and will be shown in Cannes on the 16th of May. Lloyd Kaufman appear in ca 2 dozen up-cumin movies!!!


THE INCIDENT (2011) Dir by Alexandre Courtes

Good filmin and use of picture/background, keeps the focus to the screen. Logical and fast-thinkin action of the characters. Un-normal episodes with crazies usually makes me laugh and I was hopin and expected more of this, instead the crazies go berzerk. The story is put back to the year 1989 and I like that. Guess I perhaps was expectin more of this movie, but I must say, it is a good movie. Some very cruel scenes, like eatin off someones nose and cut off fingers as if they were vegetables in the kitchen!!! This is the only full-length movie Alexandre Courtes has made so far, Im curious to find out what more this person will bring to the movie-world.


BEHIND THE MASK (2006) Dir by Scott Glosserman

Very unusual & original horror movie about a documentary TV team who meet Leslie Vernon, who claim he is a prof serial killer. He gives instructions about his business and what there is to come, and convincingly done by the actor Nathan Baesel. Leslie Vernon even introduce the film-team to his mentor in this killin game (played with excellence by Scott Wilson, THE WALKIN DEAD fame). Usually I like movies made with a documentary feelin, that is if it is done in the right way, and in this movie its very much done in that right way. And btw, Robert Englund shows up a few times in BEHIND THE MASK as well. Scott Glosserman has a sequel announced called B4TM, gonna star Scott Wilson and Robert Englund again and also the now more popular Kane Hodder (who has a long list of up-cumin movies he be in, most of them horrors). B4TM, BEFORE THE MASK: The Return Of Leslie Vernon is yet not fund-raised.


AWAKENING OF THE BEAST (1970) Dir by Coffin Joe

Kinda strange introduction by Coffin Joe, some girls and the beast behind bars in some horror-chamber. Dark, strange and experimental disturbin soundtrack. Psychedelic, drugs, musicians performin and all in all very weird from the very first moment. Its got its focus on sex and perversion, phantasies of no-morality (but never ever really any full nude close-up shots). This movie (black and white) was banned in its own home country Brazil in almost 20 years. Its not as shockin now, but if u like a presentation in somethin very weird then try this one. Coffin Joe is an extraordinary person and once had record-long fingernails. AWAKENING OF THE BEAST is strange enough much about Coffin Joe's life in Brazil. After 1 hour and 7 minutes u can see the first colors in the movie! (that is except for the intro). This is the time the LSD experiment starts. At times, this kind of film-makin reminds me some of things Kenneth Anger has done. The DVD I got hold of also includes a 10 minutes performance with some more of that alternative music and nice female dancin (unfortunately no strip-tease). Coffin Joe will appear in the new Housecore Horror Festival started by Phil Anselmo in Texas in October (also Attila Csihar will be there and GOBLIN will perform the music from SUSPIRIA).



Start with the birth of the son of Michael Myers niece in the place of some dark order. Runes, Druids, the symbol of Thorn as star constellation on Halloween. This movie has some more info to describe things unlike the other HALLOWEEN movies. Usually Im not fond of soap-opera-movies (makin sequel after sequel) and thats the reason why I sort of lost my interest for horror movies in periods of my life and I guess thats the reason why I actually never seen this movie. The same thing about re-makes I usually dont like, but Ive seen some that really surprised me and I thought was good. HALLOWEEN 6 is in memory of Donald Pleasence who died in 1995. He was a magnificent actor with skills to perform various film roles and started his career in early time, but probably best know for his appearance as the kinda nervous Dr Loomis with awareness of the creation of pure evil that he try to stop in the HALLOWEEN movies.


BUBBA HO-TEP (2002) Dir by Don Coscarelli

Elvis is still alive and wakes up in a resthouse in Texas. It was not him, but an imitator who died back in 1977. The same thing happened to John F. Kennedy who's got an unrecognizable new look to hide the truth. Together they must battle an Egyptian mumie who has come to the resthouse to steal souls (thats to still keep the mumie alive). Unusual movie with an original story. Many funny scenes, for instance how to get someones soul out through the ass, like it is described in The Book of the Soul, chapter: The Soul Sucker.  BUBBA HO-TEP is a pretty slow pace movie, not an action, even its got some of that as well, but quite a lot of humour throughout the movie. Bruce Campbell doin a great character as the 25 years older Elvis, still with his big sun-glasses and a bigger stomach. Great song from the movie by Brian Tyler. I got hold of a special version w/various extra material, among it: audio commentary by the «real» Elvis. If uve got time to lay down listenin the movie in this way its pretty funny as well. End credit list: Elvis returns in BUBBA NOSFERATU «Curse Of The She-Vampires» starrin Sebastian Hoff (aka the imitator). I thought this was just a joke but its been announced, but yet not fund-raised. And it seems Bruce Campbell wont be in it. Before we know more about this u can check out Don Coscarellis old classic PHANTASM movies, with Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man.


SHADOW (2010) Dir by Federico Zampaglione

Original story of things changin to somethin very new. DELIVERANCE feelin in the woods (the hunters and the prey). Excitin...who is hidin out of sight and causin the fear in the air? Wakin up, tied up to see chains and hooks, its sign of some being with arms in charge of pain. Electrocution. The abnormal frog lovers isolated brutal game and one can feel the pain in this movie. Killer has a passion for dictators. Those dressed up skeletons around the table is certainly macabre art. Spooky scenes, scream! Really good horror. All soundtrack by THE ALVARIUS and its real spooky too. Director also been involved with music with the band TIROMANCINO, folk-music/electronica. New giallo horror TULPA in Italy 30th of May (had its premier in U.K. last year).


THE DICTATOR (2012) Dir by Larry Charles

I saw this movie last year and I try it again, and yeah, I laugh like I did the previous time. Its supremacy arrogance, racism, women-discrimination, its over the edge and NO good endin. Pretty much the same receip for BORAT (that Ive seen many times and I laugh like crazy every time). Yez I know Sacha Baron Cohen is a jew, but he proven to be not like the usual Hollywood jew. Larry Charles directed the tv-series CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM which is crammed full of murphys law humour. I want more movies like BORAT and THE DICTATOR!!


DARK REEL (2008) Dir by Josh Eisenstadt

Opens like film noir about a murder happenin in a filmstudio some 50 years ago. Present time, Lance Henriksen in a very unusual role as a careless, sarcastic and nonchalant boss of the same film-company where the murders happened. Suddenly the same kind of murders start again. Very good original story and many small unexpected things happenin as well. Many funny episodes and I would describe it as a suspense slasher comedy. Also Edward Furlong, who is the lucky one who get a walk-on-part in a movie, is doin great actin. The onion eatin actor. Some unusual kills, like cut-off arm and be hit by it (yeah, I know its CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL). Killer with long blond wig and spooky mask. Better not say no more or I give u spoilers. Director Josh Eisenstadt has thriller called SPREADING DARKNESS this year, Im not sure about this movie what its like (Ive only seen a trailer with someone in black robes), so u better find out urself.