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News from Agonia Records

-I mentioned the 1st disc of the new ABORYM album «Dirty» 27 May and here's some words about the 2nd disc. I never thought I would experience ABORYM doin covers in this way and really high quality, interestin versions of IRON MAIDEN «Hallowed Be Thy Name» (indeed very good!), PINK FLOYD «Comfortably Numb» (this surprised me the most and Ive played it over and over again) and NINE INCH NAILS «Hurt». Personally I always thought Johnny Cash version of «Hurt» was the best and most emotional. ABORYM's version is a bit more like the original version composed by Trent Reznor. Anyway, with these cover-songs ABORYM prove that they can also handle other music styles professionally. The 2nd disc of the «Dirty» release also incl 2 re-arranged and re-recorded ABORYM songs from before and 1 unreleased song written by Alberto Penzin (ex-SCHIZO).

-Swedish B.M. duo PEST formed in 1997 and used different drummers. New album «The Crowning Horror» to be released by Agonia Rec 18 June (North America: 9 July). I like this album, the underground sound and the music. Its a different kind of B.M. To me it sounds more like very raw and brutal H.M. Cool melodies, a good example of this in the song «Eternal Curse». Quite relaxed tempo mostly but with variations through the album, its also music like speed and thrash metal with a feelin of 80s B.M. bands and a mournful intro. I recommend this album!

-SVARTSYN: «Black Testament» album released by Agonia Rec 28 May (North America: 25 June). This used to be a complete band but seems to be a one-man-band with a guest drummer now. Startin with a strange violin intro, the rest of the album is rather typical fast B.M.

-French fast D.M./B.M. band TEMPLE OF BAAL now puttin final touches on new album to be released by Agonia Rec after the summer, and on that time the band will be tourin as well.

-Norwegian B.M. band ENDEZZMA will do 4 gigs in Germany and The Netherlands startin 6 June.

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