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-Molon Lave Records, active in the early 90s, releasin VARATHRON, MOONSPELL etc closed in 1995, but started up again this year. Sellin 2nd Hand vinyls. I dont know if they have plans for new releases.

-Brand new website launched 25 May www.varathron.com U will find news on their upcomin album and split with SATHANAS there.

-Jason Newsted to appear on That Metal Show (VH1 Classic) when it returns to screen tomorrow. NEWSTED did the last show for the US warm-up 24 May, tourin Europe now and USA tour start 5 July.

-Rob Zombie and his guitarist John 5 also to appear on That Metal Show, on the 6th of June. Rob Zombie US summer tour 2013. New single «Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown» and new album «Venomous Rat Regeneratin Vendor» both released 23 April. I like both the «Dead City Radio...» song and video.

-Was drinkin beer and listenin to STAHLGEWITTER last night. 1995 founded Hardrock/Hardcore Metal band who's not afraid of history and, unlike most Germans, they dont try to censor history. Sieg Heil!

-BURNING FALLUS: «Results Not Promises!» (digital release worldwide through Tmina Rec/Believe Digital, out last month). So far, this band from Belgium made down-to-earth songs with sex and drinkin content. They describe their style «The Workin Class Rock» (which is also the name of their self-financed debut-album from 2009). Cool and bit funny Heavy Metal which makes me wanna open a beer...yeaahhh! I think that's what I gonna do now.

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